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Sept. 1 2006
Suikoden V - PS2 Preview
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Some of the great characters.
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There's plenty of text to read.
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Going into battle.

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One of the many cut scenes.
As a gamer I love RPG's. Not only do they typically include a lengthy and deep storyline, but also wonderful character progression and deep gameplay. One of the best series in recent years has been Konami's Suikoden, a series which started its life on the PSOne. We're now up to the fifth game, and one which is due out here in a matter of weeks through distributer Atari.

Suikoden V includes another solid storyline. In the land of Falena, a prosperous and beautiful country governed by the matriarchy and the benevolent power of the Sun Rune, civil unrest arises and the queen is forced to use the Sun Rune to quell the uprising, but at what cost? Journey as the prince in an expansive quest uncovering the mysteries surrounding the Sun Rune, the civil unrest and the dark intent of an unknown power.

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Fixing the dam?
As with most RPG's your task is to unravel the mysteries. To do so players must recruit characters they meet on the way, cherry-picking allies with unique skills from an incredible cast list. With the pawns in place, the player then oversees a final battle to bring back peace to the land. However, dependent on how the player fares in the time he has, Suikoden V also has a number of possible and surprise endings...

Konami have made several additions to this latest title. To start Suikoden V includes more interaction with the 3D landscapes, while battle parties of up to six characters (from a possible cast of over 60 playable characters) can engage in skirmishes simultaneously. Speaking of battles the tactical formation system allows over 20 strategic formations while in battle. The game also includes all new mini-games used to obtain essential funds, while the 'Home Base' system lets users gather together their many allies to combine their individual attributes and enlarge their home land. The game challenges gamers to uncover the 108 Stars of Destiny to build up and customize a home base. As with any good RPG it will also be possible to completely customize your characters with a new skill system, weapon enhancement system and hundreds of unique equipment items.

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More cut-scenes.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots this really is a gorgeous looking game. The artwork is solid and the characters, both friend and foe, are superbly detailed. Time will tell how well Konami have done the voicework for the cut scenes (the majority of the game is text based) in this game - but I would assume we'll get the same voicework as the American game.

Although it's taken a while for Suikoden V to come out in PAL territories (having been release in Japan in February and in America only a month later) this is a game that should have RPG fans drooling in anticpation. Indeed the word from overseas is very positive and while we'll reserve judgement on the PAL version until we see the translation and quality of the port Konami aren't likely to give us a half-assed effort. Expect a early-mid October release at a very reasonable price of only $AU69.95.