July 12, 2002
Atari Stuntman - Preview
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Now that's gotta hurt!
Reflections have certainly had a great history. The UK based company was founded over 14 years ago now and started with the rather uninspired Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga. Since then they have lifted their game to become one of the most talented development teams today. In recent times the company not only developed Destruction Derby (and its sequel) on PSOne, but also created the very impressive Driver series. While Driver 3 is in development for release further down the track, Reflections have also been working hard on this game, Stuntman. This original concept sees you taking on the role of a Hollywood Stuntman for hire. Your goal is to improve your status as a stuntman by performing stunts successfully for a series of movies. You start out on low budget films and progress through to high drama, massive budget, action movie stunts.

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The game detail is impressive.
Each stunt consists of a series of clearly defined objectives, which can range from a simple 180-degree spin in front of a building to avoiding oncoming traffic, to perfectly timed jumps, collisions and dramatic crashes. In order to succeed the player must achieve all or some of the objectives depending on the difficulty. These take place in a variety of different locations and movie sets in different countries around the world (London, Louisiana, Bangkok, Alps, Egypt, Monaco). If the stunt is deemed to have been sufficiently successful, then the player will progress to the next stunt. Successful completion of each stunt also allows the player access to new ‘toys’ to use within the ‘The Stunt Arena’.

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Cruising around in the army jeep.
Each new country is introduced via a cut scene, which will acquaint the player to the location and the theme of film they are to perform in. This will be followed by the flyby with the director describing each stunt showing exactly where, and how the tasks are to be completed. The player will then attempt the stunt and depending on their success will advance to the next flyby and stunt.

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Just beating the train.
The one certain thing about this game is that it looks tremendous. As you can see from teh surrounding screenshots there is plenty of variety in not only the backgrounds, but also the vehicles on offer. The replays will allow you to go back an look at your performance and should provide more then a couple of laughs. With vehicles ranging from 'TukTuks to snowmobiles, Jeeps to high performance sports cars the game also has a share of variety although only 6 film locations is a little concerning. With original gameplay, solid graphics and Reflections usualy polish this game will almost certainly be a must have game when it's released in September. Start saving.