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April 17, 2006
State of Emergency 2 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
27/4/2006South PeakDC Studios1-4$79.95

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Time for some blasting.
In February 2002 Jack of all Games (which is now Take Two) released a title called State of Emergency. It was a game showing the breakdown of society and the lawless nature of the streets, had parent groups up in arms, but didn't quite capture the imagination, or wallets, of gamers. Still enough units were sold that a sequel was soon in development. Following financial troubles at VIS Interactive the game ended up being sold off to DC Studios where development is almost complete and the game set to be released. The publisher has also changed with South Peak Interactive now publishing the title. Fans need not worry about quality as State of Emergency 2 looks bigger, better, and is certain to stir up more debate - although the passing of four years means its impact may be somewhat lessened with many other titles pushing the boundaries of acceptability much further.

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More gunplay...
Its been 4 years, and the oppressive corporation has re-emerged stronger and more brutal than ever. Join Spanky and his cohorts to ignite the flames of revolution as the corporation faces a full fledged State of Emergency. The games storyline and 12 levels will include cinematics to get you into the mood for action.

The game is essentially a third person action title with street brawls, lawlessness and plenty of guns. Enemies fire blind from around corners, use riot shields and take cover as they try to stop your uprising. As you progress you will notice that the general public join your riot as they see you take on corporation while criminals you release from prison join your rioting and aid your escape. Spanky (and later in the game, MacNeil) can control gangs that inhabit the various districts of Capitol City. Spanky teams up with the Killaz, and later the Mallrats, as they assist him in overcoming the odds against wave after wave of Enforcers. MacNeil recruits the Corporation's own army in the final push over the bridge to New Central before the game reaches its explosive conclusion.

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Aiming with the rocket.
In terms of weapons the developers have confirmed the following will be available: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Semi Auto, Silenced .45, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, Chaingun, Mini SMG, Rocket, 9mm SMG, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Tear Gas, Remote Mine, Proximity Mine, Molotov cocktail. Vehicles are also available in the game with helicopters, tanks, APC's and speedboats all available in both on-rails and free roaming sections of the game.

There is plenty of different gameplay styles too. At times you will need to sneak around quietly in stealth mode, before picking off guards. At other points in the game you will have to abseil down buildings avoiding the Enforcers who will appear in windows. Finally the game also included an interrogation mini-game where gamers must hit buttons at the appropriate time in order to deliver sufficient abuse to get him to talk. Too hard though and they'll be killed, two soft and they'll start abusing you.

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Sniper rifle time.
The game includes a couple more game modes to keep you busy. 15 arcade styled challenges await and include rocket, mini tank, helicopter, sniper and speedboat missions. Each will give you a score ranking, and you will be awarded with gold, silver or bronze medals depending on your performance.

Perhaps more important to gamers is the inclusion of 5 multiplayer modes for 1-4 players. This contains traditional multiplayer modes such as death match and flag attack, as well as more unconventional modes such as Last Man Standing (in which the players vie to be the first to kill 50 of the 99 enemies) and Battle mode (in which players take a tank against a grenadier, a rocket man against a minitank, and so on).

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You talking to me punk!
One area where this sequel looks a lot more refined is with the graphics. As well as including up to 100 characters on screen at any one time the level of detail has been improved significantly with better texturing more detailed background environments.

Is this going to be a great game? I'm still not sure, but it's certainly one to keep an eye on and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll do our best to bring you a review when State of Emergency 2 hits the shelves in Australia through Red Ant in late April.