October 2, 2001

State Of Emergency - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
25/2/2002Take 2VIS Interactive1$99.95

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The graphics have a clean look.
State of Emergency is basically an urban riot game set in the near future, where the oppressive American Trade Organization (ATO) has declared a State of Emergency. State authorities are clamping down on organized resistance and restricting movement across the City to counter the spread of revolt. It is up to you to smash up everything and everyone in order to destabilize the ATO. Use any item available to begin fighting, including pipes, bricks and benches - even dismembered body parts. This is the first game ever to let you participate in relentless street combat with over 100 people on screen at once. State of Emergency is a game for those who have always wondered what it's like to be armed and dangerous in a city gone out of control.

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It's Arnold, with a tan.
While the gameplay remains and unknown quantity at this stage you can probably see from the surrounding screenshots that the game is pretty neat in the graphics department. The people in this game have rather low polygon counts, but that is in order to keep the frame rate up, as well as the number of people on screen and the destruction taking place. The cities are wonderfully detailed, and the buildings can look quite stunning, while the special effects such as fires and smoke look realistic enough. I guess you could best describe the look and feel of the cities as Sim City in 3D.

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I count 90 people.. and you?
If this game doesn't stir up a lot of criticizm upon release I'll be very surprised. Riots are becoming common place worldwide due to a bunch of trouble makers that don't even care what the protests are about. Only a week or so ago in America there was a riot and when asked why he was doing it one person responded "for the good of the world". In other words the guy had no idea and was just out for a bit of fun destroying things. As a game however this looks like a lot of fun. The graphics are crisp, the gameplay original and hell, who doesn't want to destroy things and create havoc?