January 13, 2002
Star Wars: Racer Revenge
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
20/2/2002LucasArtsRainbow Studios1-2$99.95

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Sit back and admire the view.
I may as well say this at the top. I really enjoyed Episode I: POD Racer when it was released on the PC. Perhaps I was swept up in all the hype and hysteria of the new movie but two years later the game still manages to grab my attention. Perhaps it's the speed, perhaps the adrenaline rush. What I wasn't expecting was a sequel to be announced from LucasArts but that is exactly what has happened. Star Wars Racer Revenge is the sequel to that hit game, but it looks like being so much more then just a re-hash of a proven game. Expect plenty more action and excitement during the races.

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It may not look nice, but is fast.
It has been eight years since the first spectacular Podracing showdown between Sebulba and the young Anakin Skywalker. Seeking payback for his humiliating loss, Sebulba has a new beefed-up Podracer and lust for revenge. But it's not going to be easy: Anakin has grown into a boldly skilled Podracer pilot. Thus the stage is set for Racer Revenge, bringing newer, faster, and even more dangerous Podracing to the galaxy-taking you on a one-way ride to ultimate victory. Jockey for position with a tangle of Podracing opponents or leave the pack behind at intense, nerve-jangling, planet-scorching simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Crash and bash competitors into oblivion as you take them out of the race for good.

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Game over man...
Star Wars Racer Revege include over 16 of the most aggressive Podracers in the galaxy, all of whom will be willing to smash you into a twisted wreck. Some of these Podracers will be new to gamers while other familiar faces will return from the original game. LucasArts are also including 18 courses set on five new planets as well as Tatooine. All the common game modes will return including free-play, tournament, time trials and versus modes. Unfortunately the number of players hasn't been announced but hopefully the developers will include a 4 player split screen mode.

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The games' speed is impressive.
Speaking of developers there is an all-new one for this sequel. LucasArts have actually handed the development of this game to Rainbow Studios, before they were bought out by THQ Rainbow Studios are best known as the developers of games such as Atari Splshdown and ATV Offroad on Playstation 2. Both are excellent games and I would expect the same, if not better, from this game. One thing is certain, Star Wars Racer Revenge looks awesome. Already the levels, and especially Tatooine, seem richly detailed with some superb texturing throughout while the frame rate should be rock steady. Hopefully the gameplay will be rock solid as well. If it is, then Star Wars Racer Revenge will certainly be another awesome Star Wars title on the Playstation 2.