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January 14, 2004
LEGO Star Wars - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
22/4/2005EidosTravellers Tales1-2$99.95

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The lego moves better then Hayden.
Imagine the scene... Several developers sitting around a table wondering what game they should make next. Star Wars? Well LucasArts have the rights to that. LEGO? Cool stuff, but how does that make a good game? How about combining both and getting approval from both companies. Now that's a feat, but one which Traveller's Tales and publishers Eidos seem to have pulled off pretty. What's more the game is shaping up as not only an interesting concept, but one with plenty of potential for fun and that special something.

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Game levels look pretty nice.
In Lego Star Wars you will play the most memorable and exhilarating scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and the forthcoming Episode III Revenge of the Sith including pod racing on Mos Espa, the repelling of the droid onslaught in the Genosian arena and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon’s fatal fight with Darth Maul. It will be interesting to see how much of the Epidode III storyline gives away given that it could be out a good month or so before the movie. Besides controlling the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2, notorious dark side enemies such as Jango Fett, Darth Maul and Count Dooku appear in thrilling boss showdowns. As you progress through the game you unlock many new characters including the defeated bosses, and you must switch between them to solve puzzles using their special abilities. In all Lego Star Wars will include over 30 playable characters.

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This looks interesting...
In addition to a single-player mode, there is a ‘drop in, drop out’ two-player co-operative mode allowing a second player to enter or leave the action whenever they want. There is also a free-play mode where unlocked characters can be played in different scenarios to those of the films. This adds immeasurably to the game’s replayability and there are further incentives to complete the game for budding Jedi Knights in the form of hidden levels and vehicles. Speaking of vehicles Traveller's Tales are including Naboo fighters, pod racers, speeder bikes as well as several vehicles which will appear in Episode III, but are remaining under tight wraps for now.

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Battle from Episode II.
Graphically this game looks pretty good. Sure it's not going to win any awards, but it has certainly captured the Lego look and feel. To polish off the game the developers are using the authenic sound from the films thanks to Skywalker Studio.

With a release set for April 2005, about a month prior to the final prequel movie, you can already start to sense the buzz surrounding Lego Star Wars. This is a unique looking game that will certainly interest younger gamers, but should also be watched by all Star Wars fans - myself included.