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July 22, 2005
SSX On Tour - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
24/10/2005EA SportsEA Canada1-2$89.95

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The course is packed with objects.
When the Playstation 2 launched here in November 2000 it wasn't until we played a snowboarding title called SSX that we truly appreciated what the next generation - well, current generation now - was all about and how much further games could be taken then those in the 32-bit era. Since that first game Electronic Arts have released SSX Tricky and SSX3, both exceptional titles. It has been two years since the third title and Electronic Arts are once again about to release a game in the series, but with a couple of big additions including normal skiing.

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Getting some massive air.
Reach breakneck speeds, catch huge air, and become an icon with SSX On Tour. Create a rider or skier and build a career as you progress from a slope-side wannabe to a black-diamond-dominating rockstar. Compete for medals or just tear up the massive new mountain, but make sure you look good doing it because your reputation is always on the line. Pull off jaw- dropping monster tricks to out-style your competitors while hurtling down the slopes at supersonic speeds. You create the hype-the hype creates a legend in SSX On Tour.

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Look. Skiing.
Certainly the biggest change to this title is the inclusion of skiing. While the skiers handle in a similar manner to the snowboarders they are able to turn tighter but have slightly fewer tricks in their bag to perform. Both skiers and snowboarders have the ability to perform all-new Monster Tricks with a touch of the right analog stick. Another change is that the mountain is now populated by casual skiers. In fact they will play an integral part of the gameplay - as you get close to them you build up your hype.

SSX On Tour brings you 12 new tracks to explore day or night. From crowded groomers to untouched powder fields, no detail is too small in this diverse environment as you seamlessly explore all four unique sections of the mountain. While the game retains the one massive mountain aspect as seen in SSX3 there have been some improvements, most notably the narrow paths between the main sections have been virtually eliminated with wider paths and plenty of opportunities to perform some tricks.

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Now that's a slope.
The game will include challenges to complete in as well. Be it defeating an opponent or racking up some massive points in a section of course they are likely to keep you occupied. In terms of multi-player we can expect 2-player split screen however online gameplay seems unlikely at this stage - this hasn't even been mentioned in America.

Graphics and sound are as brilliant as any other games in the series, in fact SSX On Tour looks even better again with many more obstacles on the courses. Expect the game to be released in late 2005.