October 12, 2000

SSX - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Origin RRP
30/11/2000Electronic ArtsIn-HouseAmerica$99.95

Click To Enlarge ImageOne of the biggest sports to make an impact on consoles in recent years is snowboarding. Thanks mainly to UEP Systems' Cool Boarders titles on the Playstation and Dreamcast the sport has gained a reputation as a great video game. Electronic Arts have taken the sport to the next level with SSX being set in the future where the tracks, the tricks and the speed have been increased considerably.

The biggest difference between SSX and other snowboarding titles is the physical contact. This is contact snowboard racing, boarder cross-style, where speed, tricks, and aggression are essential to staying one step ahead of the game, and the opposition. If that means flattening other boarders to get to the finish line first, so be it. Tricks are also rewarded with extra adrenaline, which can give you an extra boost during races.

Click To Enlarge ImageSSX includes a World Circuit Career mode where you begin as a "newbie" racer and have to climb the rankings to the "Master" title. The other modes include a Single Event where you race on just one track, while a Freeride mode allows you to practice on the courses, essential if you want to become the "Master".

Electronic Arts have been kind enough to include eight different tracks with seven of those being standard courses, while the eighth course is a bonus track. Each of the tracks is unique in its design with levels set in a pinball-like Megaplex, an iceberg or on an untracked powder field. Each of the eight International racers has their own unique set of tricks and are backed up by some of the most realistic physics ever seen in a snowboarding game.

Click To Enlarge ImageStunning visuals abound in SSX. With dynamic environments, variable weather, lightning, waterfalls and facial animations the developers have certainly used the increased power of the Playstation 2. With a silky smooth frame rate, and split screen 2 player mode SSX should be one of the hottest launch titles in November. A lot can also be said about the excellent Techno Break Beat music featuring artists such as Mix Master Mike, Rahzel, Aphrodite & Mickey Finn, Skeewiff, Hybrid, Politika, LHB, Rasmus and more.

It's no wonder many people rate this game as one of the must have Playstation 2 launch titles. With amazing visuals, exciting gameplay and some of the hottest developers working on the game it is a guaranteed hit. Start saving.