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May 28 2006
Sensible Soccer 2006 - Preview
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Sensible Soccer makes a return.
Any true gamer will know that graphics do not necessarily make a great game. Sure they can help with the atmosphere a bit, but theres a reason why Tetris is still one of the most played games on a daily basis, why many regard Lumines as the best game on PSP, and why cel-shaded games are admired for their artistim. The origingal Sensible Soccer was released on multiple formats back in 1992 and was quickly regarded as one of the most playable soccer titles of all time. Since the first title there were multiple releases with the last being Sensible Soccer 2000 on the PSOne in 1999 - a title which lost most resemblance to the original both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

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A unique graphical style...
Sensible Soccer 2006 on the Playstation 2 promises to return the series to its roots. The players are miniturized again, the graphics rather plain, but the game will retain the classic gameplay. Not only is the game fast paced, and includes a wide range of sliding tackles, but also a huge amount of unbelievable goals, that can go curling into the top corner, thanks to the outrageous levels of after-touch. The game includes 50 different competitions include World and European Cup events, plus leagues and cups from all the top European nations.

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Sneaking up from behind.
In fact, Sensible Soccer 2006 is set to feature over 350 International and European club teams providing over 5,500 players from around the world, each individually skilled and with their own unique and stylised look. Squads are made up from 16 players with 12 different tactical formations to choose from.

In terms of game modes this game includes Friendlies and DIY Competitions allowing the creation of limitless variations of cups, leagues and tournaments for up to 64 players! All Sensi's modes support multiplayer games for up to 4 players, including, for console players, 2-player co-operative teams.

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Go on, spot the ball.
There's also the Custom Team game mode, designed to offer the most comprehensive single-player football gaming experience ever. Create, play and upgrade four of your own custom teams. Name them, design their kit to your own taste, even show your style by decking out your lads in classy 'Union Jack' shorts and then choose their style of play - aggressive, workhorse, flair or attacking wide boys.

By winning any of the 45 trophy matches, you'll unlock more game features, including new pitch types, such as muddy, and match balls, plus unique player features such as fancy silver boots and the footballer's favourite - the infamous mullet hairstyle!

Sensible Soccer 2006 is a game which promises some of the most enjoyable pick up and play styled action on the pitch in years. Pick it up on mid-June 2006.