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April 1, 2005
Spy Vs Spy - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
22/4/2005Take TwoVicious Cycle1-4, 4 $29.95

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In the Area-51 level.
If you've ever read a Mad Magazine chances are you've come to love, if not at least seen, the comic strip Spy Vs Spy. The strip sees two spies, one white the other black, pitted against each other in a series of (mis)adventures. It's classic good vs evil and its no wonder then that it would make a fantastic premise for a video game. Surprisingly the last time we saw a Spy Vs Spy game was back in the Commodore 64 era. This new game has been kept under the radar for some reason, but with a relase only weeks away the first screens and details have emerged, and for a budget release there are some very big surprises.

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Lava level - it's gettin hot in here!
Essentially this game sees the two spies trying to collect items locked in safe's around the levels. The first to collect them all wins the game. Sounds easy right? Well of course it's not that simple. Along the way you, and your enemies, will be able to buy and set traps for you to fall into. Electric door handles, hidden bombs, disguises, trap detectors and, well, dozens of other items can be purchased and used in each level. Characters can also purchase weapons such as clubs, machine guns or bazookas to take out the opposition. If your character dies he loses the collected item, and unless it's promptly picked up by another spy, is then returned to one of the safes. And the battle ensues...

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One of the cut scenes.
Unsurprisingly its the multi-player which should excite gamers the most. Playing against the CPU should be fun, but being able to set traps and then watching your friends fall for them is certain to have gamers in stitches. In total the developers are promising five differnet multi-player modes.

The biggest surprise with this game, however, is the inclusion of 4-player online gameplay. While still awaiting confirmation for the PAL release it's looking more likely it will make it out here and that feature alone makes this sensational value at the budget price. This may become an essential purchase just for the online modes!

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Graphics look nice, not great.
In terms of graphics Spy Vs Spy looks solid, but certainly won't win any awards. The third person perspective should allow gamers to see many of those hilarious Spy Vs Spy moments - especially when you get caught in some of the traps planted by your opponent. Hopefully the frame rate will remain solid.

Spy Vs Spy is a game that has huge potential to be very entertaining. Whether the developers can create a game to keep you occupied for hours on end remains to be seen but it's wonderful to see the low launch price of $US19.99 in America and only $29.95 in Australia. At the very least it should get those network adapters dusted off once again. Expect a release in late April.