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May 19, 2005
Spartan: Total Warrior - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
14/10/2005SegaThe Creative Assembly1$89.95

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Check out the number of characters!
It seems the games based during the Roman era have gained in popularity of late, perhaps due to the phenomenal success of Gladiator. Capcom's Shadow of Rome was released late last year and proved a very enjoyable title (if you call hacking off limbs enjoyable!). Likewise LucasArts Gladius and Acclaim's Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance were also quite respectable. Most of these title, however, focus on the gladiatorial combat rather then large scale battles, and that's what Sega, and developers The Creative Assembly, are attempting to recreate with this title, Spartan: Total Warrior.

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Graphics really are gorgeous.
As the ruthless Roman Empire, under the bloodthirsty Emperor Tiberius, marches across the civilised world and seizes control of all in its path, one solitary land of warriors remains defiant: Sparta. As the Romans gather at the gates of the city, one lone Spartan rallies his comrades to stand firm against the evil empire. This is your battle! Fight alongside hundreds of allies to liberate Sparta from the oppression of the Roman Empire, while completing a personal journey from Warrior to Hero and eventually Legend. Discover mythical beasts, legendary lands, legions of foes and divine weaponry, and earn your right to be called a true Legend.

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Around the colleseum.
Spartan: Total Warrior takes place in 13 levels set across three continents. From arid wastelands to full-scale cities, through dungeons to rugged mountains, and finally to the ultimate showdown in the Imperial Coliseum in Rome this game has it all. One of the most impressive aspects of this title is the promise of up to 160 (yes, one hundred and sixty!) combatants fighting on screen at once. It will be interesting to see how well the PS2 copes with this, especially with games such as Koei's Dynasty Warriors needing to put a fog in a not to far distance to keep the frame rate up. These enemies not only include Roman soldiers, but also skeleton armies and classic mythological creatures.

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The hero shot.
The game will include a wide range of enemies each with his own strengths and weaknesses. Mastering the weapons will be a must with a wide variety including swords, dual swords, spears, hammers and bows. Not only will each weapon have a swift attack against individuals but also sweeping attacks to hit attackers surrounding you. Each weapon also includes individual fatality moves for each weapon. Even your shield can be used as a weapon.

Spartan: Total Warrior is the first console based release for The Creative Assembly who developed the extremely popular Total War series on PC. At this stage the game is shaping up nicely and by the time it is released would have been in development for almost three years. Expect this game to be released this October.