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January 28, 2003
Space Channel 5: Part 2 - Preview
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Oh, Ulala how I missed you...
Space Channel 5 is an interesting game. It blends cool rhythms with stylish graphics and some great gameplay. Oh, and did I mention the absolute hottest chick in a video game? Ulala easily oozes more sex appeal and style then any other video game babe, and that includes Lara Croft. If you've been reading this site for some time now you will know how impressed I was with the original Space Channel 5 which I still manage to fire up from time to time. This sequel looks like much of the same, but there are several major changes.

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Shake that booty baby.
The Galaxy has been invaded by the mysterious Odoridans, led by the infamous Purge, the best dancer in the Universe. Purge's action commander, Shadow, is overseeing the mass kidnapping and brainwashing of mankind, enslaving everyone through the power of dance. Ulala, on the scene reporting on events as they unfold for Space Channel 5, must confront Shadow and ultimately Purge, beating them at their own dance in order to save us all from disco-damnation. Meanwhile, with the help of her new boss, 'Space' Michael Jackson, Ulala must overcome competition from Space Channel 5's rival broadcasting station, and ensure that the channel's Audience Ratings remain high.

Even from the story it's clear that this sequel is quite similar to the original title. Once again Ulala must rescue the hostages from alien invaders by out dancing them in a series of battles. This is basically a music game where buttons must be pressed in time with the music and in sequences being given to you. One major addition to this game is the inclusion of new routine modes including the "Rhythm Battle" where you get to play a musical instrument in time with the music. The game also includes a "Lyrics Battle" which must be inputted manually during the "Rhythm Battle" - which in all honestly is still something which I have to experience before describing properly.

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Screens from the Japanese version.
Those of you who had an easy time achieving an audience rating of 100% will be pleased to hear that it's a lot harder this time. Not only must you follow the prompts on screen, but must also now listen for extra opportunities to show some moves during the routines. Naturally these extra moves must be in time with the music as well.

Those of you who played the original game may have noticed that while the character models are almost identical, the backgrounds are vastly different. Gone is the MPEG video and in comes all new real-time polygon generated backgrounds. The cameras are now in real-time allowing much more exciting and dramatic angles. Sony and Sega are also promising all new lip-synching for the PAL version of the game, which should keep it looking very slick. Michael Jackson, who made a very brief appearance in the original Space Channel 5 has a much larger role in this game, albeit with a much improved look. The developers of this title, United Game Artists, know how to create original and fun titles including the original Space Channel 5 and the stunning Rez, which should be in every single collection. Space Channel 5: Part 2 looks set to be another winner. Expect an Australian release in mid February.