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April 10 2007
SOCOM US Navy Seals: Combined Assault - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
24/5/2007SonyZipper Interactive1-16$79.95

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Locations look pretty nice.
Zipper Interactive aren't a company that were well know at all prior to the PS2's release, but for most Sony fans they are now a household name for one, and only one, reason. SOCOM. The million selling franchise has been a staple for online gamers in the PS3 with no other series coming close in terms of fans and fanatics. The games look magnificent and play extremely well so any new release is most welcome. While we're all keenly awaiting the certain PS3 version this PS2 title looks like filling the gap nicely.

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Team - ready to go!
This game is a bit of a departure for the series with a couple of key gameplay additions. Firstly, there are now many more vehicles in the game then previously, and secondly the game put even more emphasis on teamwork, as well as connectivity with the PSP.

In terms of storyline, well it's your typical good-guy, bad-guy terrorist situation. As the SEAL team you have to stop all the bad guys. The single player game has 14 different, and rather large missions to compete (although some reports from America claim 18 missions) in and you'll need to use a wide range of weapons and skills to achieve your goals. In fact SOCOM Combined Assault includes more than 40 authentic weapons and equipment options offer players the ability to customise their experience.

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Check out the smoke.
Of course the biggest part of the SOCOM series is the ability to connect and play the game online - and SOCOM: Combined Assault is no different. One of the biggest new inclusions is the ability to combine with friends and take on the entire single player campaign in the all-new four player online cooperative mode. Besides that though we can expect plenty more online multi-player action in usual modes.

These new and improved versions of SOCOM feature crosstalk functionality between the PS2 and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2 on the PSP which means the progress in one game can have dramatic effects on the progression of the other. This worked well in the previous games and it's an area in which Zipper Interactive have poured even more effort.

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Now that's a big bang!
Graphically SOCOM: Combined Assault looks pretty sharp. Of course this game can't be compared to next-gen titles, but nor should it. As a Playstation 2 game this looks quite spectacular. The vehicles move around wonderfully, there are plenty of visual effects such as explosions and bullets flying around. We can also expect the storyline to be fleshed out with some cut-scenes in the single player game.

With the Playstation 3 already out many would think that the PS2 would die an instant death (just like the XBox did when the 360 came out) but that's not the case with Sony's system. With a release now set for late May, and some great connectivity between the PS2 and PSP versions one would do well to pick these games up.