May 22, 2003
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEAL's - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
11/7/2003SonyZipper Interactive1-16 Online$99.95

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In position ready to attack.
One of the big shifts in gaming in the last couple of years on the First Person Shooter front has been developers aiming for more realistic situations. Real weapons, real tactics and realistic AI have all become more critical if a game is to succeed in the market. Games such as Rogue Spear, Soldier Of Fortune II and to a lesser extent Counter Strike have all succeeded in recreating a realistic environment. Games have come so far that they are now including effects such as gravity on bullets fired and a delay between when the enemy fires the gun and when you hear the shot. While SOCOM: US Navy SEALs won't include such precise detail, it is one of the first games on the Playstation 2 to accurately re-create the excitement of being in Americas top Special Forces unit.

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An actual in game screen.
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEAL's places you in the role of an elite SEAL commander whose team is asked to fight terrorists in more than 16 missions spread over 4 richly detailed international locations including Tailand, the Congo, Alaska, and Eastern locales. With more than 30 weapons (including handguns, assault and automatic rifles, grenade launchers, explosives and more), intense training and unparalleled skills and tactical manoeuvres at your disposal, we can only warn those who dare challenge the U.S. Navy SEALs! During the game you will take on terrorists in a variety of missions, including ambushes, hostage taking and rescues, search and rescue, demolitions, laser designating targets, night fighting, reconnaissance and clearing buildings.

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Camouflage is important.
By far the most exciting aspect of this game is the online gameplay. Yes, SOCOM will include support for the Broadband adapter when it is eventually released and although Sony are trying to support 56k modems at the same time, this game won't include support for the old system. SOCOM: US Navy Seal's will include support for up to 16 players in a single game. One other advantage to limiting the game to broadband is that it has allowed the developers to include support for a microphone adapter so you can talk to other team members.

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The locations will be varied.
It will be possible to play as either a SEAL team member, or as one of the terrorists. It should provide plenty of fun and even if you don't want to go online Sony are include standard multi-player modes. Hopefully the i.Link will also be supported.

The American version of this game should be available at the August 27th 2002 launch of broadband gaming on the Playstation 2. This game was first shown at the 2001 E3 show and with so much time for it to be developed there has been plenty of time to fine turn the game to perfection. SOCOM: US Navy Seal's is looking hot. The game is currently expected to be released on July 11th, 2003 in Australia which is the same time as the online adapter should be released here.