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June 20, 2005
Sniper Elite - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
6/10/2005UbisoftRebellion1-2, 2 $69.95

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On the rooftop.
Let's be honest. When you play a First Person Shooter more often then not the highlight of the game is obtaining the sniper rifle to pick enemies off from a distance or from behind some cover. It's pretty amazing that so few games have made this the focus of the title with Konami's Silent Scope in the arcades being one of the few games worth mentioning (the home ports aren't worth the effort sadly). The thrill of a headshot is unrivaled. Rebellion has taken this idea and developed an entire game set during World War II. Details on Sniper Elite are still quite scarce, but what details are available show potential.

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Using the binoculars.
World War II is drawing to a close and the Soviets and Nazi's are caught in a furious battle for Berlin. Taking the role of an American Sniper sent into the chaos of war-torn Berlin by the Secret Service, the player must complete a series of vitally important missions to thwart Soviet nuclear ambitions at the dawn of the Cold War.

I have to admit that I'm not too sure about playing an American in the game - surely a Russian soldier would be more appropriate seeing as they got to Berlin first, but I can see the company has to appease the masses and America is the biggest games market I guess.

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Now they're nice graphics.
In terms of the actual game it will be possble to swicth between a first and third person perspective. The game is split up across 25 levels which, as you can see from these screenshots, looks suitably battle scarred from years of battles. In a rather neat touch, and as is the case in real life players will need to compensate for gravity and wind, needing to target slightly above the target, and a bit to the side if the target is moving one way or another. As you would also expect your targets aren't limited to bodies with weapons able to be shot out of the hands of enemies, grenades shot to create explosions and, as seems to be strangely common, barrels which can be blown up.

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Using the first person mode.
Multi-player will also play a fairly major role in the game with 2-player split screens modes as well as online gameplay although details of this mode remain under wraps at this stage.

Sniper Elite has made such an impression recently that Namco snapped up the rights to release the game in America while Ubisoft will be handling the duties in PAL territories. With some impressive visuals and gameplay which should be an absolutely blast for those who love to use sniper rifles - and that's quite a few people. Expect a release in early October.