January 13, 2001
Sled Storm - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
22/3/2002EA Sports BIGEA Canada1-2$99.95

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Expect to pull some wicked tricks.
Following the success of Sled Storm Electronic Arts decided that a Playstation 2 update would be a good idea, and after seeing the screens and details on offer I can't disagree. The PlayStation 2 version delivers high-impact sled racing through visually stunning and treacherous environments combining the raw power of Sleds and hostile competition. No rules, hidden shortcuts, bone-jarring wipeouts, and huge-air provides a cast of aggressive racers the chance to fight for the finish line. Alternately gamers can go head-to-head, racing against each other in the frenzied split screen racing modes to pay off on the intensity of human to human competition - in Sled Storm.

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The tracks are as impressive as SSX.
Sled Storm is being branded under the EA Sports BIG label, which should result is some pretty extreme gameplay moments. Even the in-game Sleds are extrapolations on the cutting edge of current Sled technology expanded without the true limits of engineering. Quad sleds are very stable and have superior traction over the mono-track sled with it's great acceleration and top speed but sacrificed stability. Conventional sleds are strong all around but may sacrifice speed as they are often a little heavier than the modified sleds. All Sleds, unique to individual riders get significantly enhanced throughout the game.

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The riders are also detailed.
The seven levels are set in varied locations around the world and all have many 'smashable' items from signs to entire buildings. By hitting these the players build up their S.T.O.R.M. meters which give you a massive boost during the races, much like the way the TRICKY meter works in SSX Tricky. On the multi-player side Sled Storm offers 2-player split screen action which should be intense as you pull off tricks to score as many points as possible.

The icing on the cake is that this game will also include DTS sound to add much more depth and reality to the game. Sled Storm is currently expected to hit Australian shelves towards the end of March 2002.