April 15, 2001
Sky Odyssey - Preview
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Catch the train to refuel.
Well this is one game that really appeared from nowhere at the Playstation 2 launch in America thanks to Activision. After several months of waiting the game is now set for release in Australia thanks to Sony. The game was originally developed by Cross in Japan. Confused yet? Anyway never mind all that, the good news is that it's almost here and by all accounts it's an awesome game.

Sky Odyssey is a flight game similar to Pilotwings games on the SNES and Nintendo 64. There is no shooting down other craft, rather the missions include things such as landing on an aircraft carrier, perform rescues, avoid falling stalactites in a cavern, refuel on top of a moving train and more. In all the game includes 40 missions and over 10 aircraft from a barnstorming Swordfish Mk. 1 bi-plane to a stealth jet and the F4U Corsair.

Accurate flying is essential.
As previously mentioned Sky Odyssey is made up of over 40 missions. During these you will be graded on completing the tasks, performing tricks, making all the checkpoints and completing the mission under the time limit. The better your grades the more features you will unlock during the game. The missions also feature a variety of weather from rain to wind and even snow. The weather actually affects how the planes handle with strong winds making it particularly hard to remain on a straight and level course. Choosing the right plane for each mission becomes critical to your success.

Landing on an aircraft carrier.
As you can tell from the graphics Sky Odyssey isn't the game to show off to you mates the first time they see the Playstation 2. The textures are rather bland and apparently the American version suffers from some slowdown and aliasing. It's doubtful that the game will be fixed for release in PAL territories but don't let that put you off.

While it may not look to exciting graphically it's the gameplay that counts and Sky Odyssey should be a lot of fun. Even without the ability to shoot down other craft or bomb targets on the ground the variety of craft and missions on offer should keep any game enthusiast happy for some time. Sony are expecting this title to hit the shelves towards the end of April. I, for one, will be eagerly anticipating the titles release.