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July 4, 2007
SingStar 90's - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
9/8/2007SonySony Europe1-8$49.95 stand alone
$99.95 with mics

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Australia's Natalie is in the game.
I'm pretty fortunate in that many of my male friends don't mind some karaoke every now and then. I guess that a decade drinking and singing in Japanese karaoke bars (well, mainly drinking really) had us all used to the concept of grabbing a mic and more often then not making an ass of ourselves - it has always amazed us that so many karaoke bars use 'fake' versions of songs which are quite often slightly different to the originals. But then came SingStar - Sony's take on karaoke for the home using the power of the PS2 and, more importantly, original versions of the songs and video clips.

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You know this will be fun!
As with previous titles SingStar 90's will be split into two main game modes - Single Player and Party Play. Single player is pretty standard stuff. After selecting your song, and either a long or shortened version, it's your chance to do your best. If you want to practice without scoring you can enter the Freestyle Mode. The meat of this game, and the most fun, is found in the multi-player Party mode.

The Party mode includes several main modes. Pass the Mic is for up to 8-players and is a party styled game with a variety of challenges to be performed. This is tremendous fun and perfect for large groups. Next up is a battle mode for 2-players. In this mode both of you sing the same song and the person with the highest score is deemed the winner. A 2-player Duet Mode enables two players to each sing one vocal part of a duet, competing for the highest scores. Once again the game includes support for the Eye Toy so you can photograph yourself for your profile or, if the need arises, video yourself singing the song.

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Not a great song but...
So we've already seen a lot of releases in the SingStar franchise in Australia (with a couple of pack tailored for our market - this is not the case here though) which ranged from the not so good SingStar Anthems (mainly due to a reduction in the number of songs in that one) to the quite superb SingStar Legends. It's not that there are many differences in terms of features, indeed since the third game out of the eight releases to date the features have been pretty much the same, so each pack now gets judged on the tracklists. SingStar 90's includes the following tracks:

All Saints - Never Ever
Aqua - Barbie Girl
B-52's - Love Shack
Barenaked Ladies - One Week
Billy Ray Cyrus - Achey Breaky Heart
Crash Test Dummies - MMM MMM MMM MMM
Divinyls - I Touch Myself
EMF - Unbelievable
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
Lisa Loeb - Stay
MC Hammer - U Canít Touch This
Meredith Brooks - Bitch
M People - Movin' On Up
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
New Kids On The Block - Step By Step
Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where the Wild Roses Grow
Poison - Unskinny Bop
Radiohead - Creep
REM - Everybody Hurts
Roachford - Only to be with You
Savage Garden - I Want You
Seal - Kiss From A Rose
Sir Mix a Lot - Baby Got Back
Spice Girls - Wannabe
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Technotronic Feat. Felly - Pump Up The Jam
The Cardigans - Lovefool
The Cranberries - Zombie
The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around

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My wife can't wait for this song!?
I have to admit that while there are some 'girlie' type songs with bands such as Spice Girls, Aqua and All Saints they are, on paper at least, still fantastic karaoke styled songs. Certainly the number of songs we want to sing far outweighs those we don't with tracks including MC Hammer's 'You Can't Touch This', B-52's 'Love Shack' and Sir Mix a Lot's 'Baby got Back' all getting us pretty excited. SingStar 90's looks to have the strongest tracklist to date with only a couple of songs unfamiliar to us, and only a couple we don't really want to sing. Expect a release on August 9th at which time we'll bring you our full review.