September 5, 2001
Spy Hunter - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
5/10/2001MidwayParadigm Entertainment1-2$99.95

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Skids, smoke effects, it looks good.
Midway have been big supporters of the Playstation 2 to date with three games to date and another five games, including this one due out by Christmas. This game definitely looks a lot more exciting then their previous releases with a lot more action and solid graphics. Spy Hunter allows you to play with a fast morphing car which is loaded with weapons. It definitely looks like a lot of fun but the proof will be in the gameplay, which by all accounts is meant to be very solid. During the game you get behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor for high-speed, mission-based racing in exotic locales.

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There will be obsticles to overcome.
As the Spy Hunter, you are relentlessly pursued by hordes of air, ground and water enemies as you battle to accomplish your missions and save the world from the mind of a madman. The game is a remake of the arcade classic from many years ago, but has had many improvements both in terms of gameplay and cosmetics. The Playstation 2 Spy Hunter boasts ultra-realistic 3D graphics, real-world locales and one very cool vehicle capable of morphing into a boat, jet ski or motorcycle. Throw in some explosive weaponry and impressive defensive mechanisms combine with intense speed and strategy to distinguish Spy Hunter from routine combat racers and traditional action racing games.

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Damn, now thats a boat.
One thing in this games favour is the lack of car combat games on consoles of late. Electronic Arts' 007 Racing on the PSOne failed to earn solid reviews or sales while the Playstation 2 is devoid of action racing games. This could keep action gamers quite happy.

Many people were impressed with the early builds of Spy Hunter at the E3 show and hopefully the game can be polished off to create an exciting action racing game. Midway's track record is a little patchy of late but with plenty of speed and the right kind of gameplay this game could generate interest. Expect the game to be released here in Australia during October this year, assuming all goes well in the final development stages.