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April 25, 2004
Shellshock Nam '67 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
10/9/2004EidosGuerilla Games1$99.95

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Nice jungle graphics.
We've had games based on World War II. We've had games set during the Iraq War (the first one, anyway). We've had games set during World War III. It now seems that many development teams are moving the Vietnam for their games. Sci are developing Conflict: Vietnam, Electronic Arts have just released Battlefield Vietnam (only for PC at this stage) and Guerilla Games are developing this game, Shellshock Nam '67.

It's 1967. You've been drafted to fight in the most controversial war of modern times. As a rookie soldier, you will experience the fear, chaos and atrocities of the Vietnam War. From napalm bombardments of civilian villages to deadly VC booby traps, can you survive your first tour of duty?

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Villiage slaughter.
Shellshock Nam '67 includes 12 missions ranging from large-scale NVA battles to stealth-based assignments such as assassinating a Viet Cong General. During the game you will grow from a fresh rookie to a hard-edged special forces agent. The games AI should be fairly solid Guerilla are promising some tought fighters. Soldiers don't simply live or die. A wounded fighter will still attempt to take down the enemy. Unfortunately at this early stage little else is known about the actual gameplay, but it should pretty much fit in with other action titles.

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That's a low flying jet!
One feature of the game is the interactive base camp. From here you can receive mission briefings, test weapons, or just chill with your platoon listening to the DJ spin popular music by top 60's artists.

Graphically the game is shaping up quite nicely. From the few screenshots and video clips released to date it is clear to see the the graphics engine (which is also being used in Killzone) is more then up to the task ot re-creating the jungles of Vietnam. Expect a release in September 2004.