August 15, 2001

Street Fighter EX3 - Preview

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Not the most exciting background.
One of my fondest gaming moments was waiting for the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter 2 to be released in stores here in Australia. I'd read all the magazine reviews from America, delved into every little game detail and spent countless hours playing the arcade game. Finally while shopping with my family at BIG W I saw it behind the counter, checked the price and promptly plonked down $129 for the 2MB cartridge. Needless to say it is still one of my most loved games, and most worthwhile purchases. Recently however the Street Fighter series has given way to Tekken, Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter - all 3D graphics based games. Can this new 3D graphical Street Fighter game (the third in the series) really make an impact?

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Two old favourites square off.
So what's in this game then? Well Capcom have put together an initial cast of 16 different characters including favourites such as Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Chun Li, Dhalsim among other newer fighters such as Skullomania and Sharon. A further 9 fighters such as Sagat and M.Bison are unlocked as you complete the games Original arcade mode. The game includes 4 different modes of play (Original, Arena, Character Edit and Training) as well as new addition such as Emotion Flow Super Moves and Critial Parades. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect should be the varity in the battles. Not only does the game include typical 1-on-1 battles but also 2-on-1 and 3-on-1.

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Skullomania is interesting at least.
For a while it looked like Street Fighter EX3 would never make it to Australia. It was a launch title in America, sold relatively poorly, and no one in Australia really wanted to release the game. Capcom's games were generally being published by Ozisoft, but they delayed and never got it on their schedules. Sony then stood up to the plate and had it on their schedules for a couple of weeks before it mysteriously disappeared. In July however THQ announced they would be releasing Capcom's PS2 titles here and that includes Street Fighter EX3. Fans of the series can rejoyce as an arcade perfect port is heading home, in early September.