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April 8, 2005
Strike Force Bowling - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
9/6/2005Crave GamesLab Rats Games1-4$49.95

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Ohhh, nice reflections.
Bowling is a sport which American's love, and is also pretty popular here in Australia. Unfortunately bowling games aren't too common any more. In America during the PSOne's life there was ten bowling games, as we come to the end of the PS2's life this is the first bowling game to be released on the system. Fortunately Strike Force Bowling is also coming to Australia thanks to distributers Red Ant. So it's slim pickings, but is this game worth your money?

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Looks like a Star Trek uniform...
OK I'm gonig to have to admit I quite enjoy Bowling games. One of the main reasons I keep my Neo Geo is to play League Bowling - a rather simplistic, but very fun, title. Strike Force Bowling has been in development at Lab Rats Games for a while now and it certainly has a wide range of features and game modes to keep you happy.

So what exactly does this game have then? I guess the first thing you would have noticed is that this game doesn't take place on normal bowling lanes. You'll be playing under the Sphinx in Egypt, on the deck of a pirate ship or down the length of a pier. Strike Force Bowling also includes six game modes such as Skins, Golf, Challenge and Practice modes, as well as Open and Tournament play. Gamers can select from eight different bowlers however I'm not sure how each of these will bowl differently or if it is only cosmetic. Finally the game supports up to 4-players, either human or CPU controlled.

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There's some pretty wierd lanes.
Unfortunately the surrounding screenshots were the only ones we could get a hold of, but rest assured the PC version, and presumably the PS2 version, looks much better with high resolution graphics.

I don't know what it is with bowling games but I just love them. Perhaps it's my own real chance of getting a perfect game, perhaps it's the fact that I can buy this game for the same price as two real games down at my local lanes. By reports I've heard the American game released last year wasn't the best - I'm not sure if we might be getting some enhancements given the lengthy wait. Expect a release, and hopefully a review, of Strike Force Bowling in early June.