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January 22 2008
Sega Superstars Tennis - PS2 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
March 2008SegaSumo Digital1-4$79.95

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The PS2 version looks pretty nice.
If there is one thing Sega has an ample supply of, it's well known, and very loved, video game characters stemming way back to the 1980's. That's somewhat fortunate for them as it allows them to draw from a long history when creating a new game - and the best way to do that is through compilations or titles combining all the characters. Sega Superstars Tennis sees sixteen of Sega's most loved characters come together to play one of the worlds most popular sports, tennis. Now, we have previewed the PS3 game and much of the information has been ported over to this game. If you want to check out the details and screenshots for that version then click here.

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In the Jet Set Radio stage.
So it's a tennis game and let's look at the characters. At this stage we believe there will be 16 characters including Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Akira Yuki, Ulala (Woo Hoo!), Amigo and Amiga from Samba de Amigo, Nights, and Beat from Jet Set Radio to name a few. Other Characters will appear in the game but will not be playable including Blaze the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog and Knuckles. Each of the 16 characters has their own superstar alter-ego, which gives them the winning edge on the court. The ten stages are also based on games where characters have come from and include Green Hill Zone (Sonic), Monkey Island (Super Monkey Ball), and Galactic Cruiser (Space Channel 5).

up to four friends can challenge each other in Exhibition modes, Tournaments and even some unlockable special events. Mini-games, probably similar to those in Virtua Tennis 3, have also been confirmed for the game, although the exact details and modes still remain under wraps.

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Nights dives for the ball.
Certainly one aspect which we are most excited about is that of online gameplay on the Playstation 3 version. 2-player mode is a certainty, and we also hope that 4-players will be able to participate in doubles matches. As yet we are still a little unclear if the PS2 version will also have online gameplay, but there isn't any reason for it to miss out. We may also, hopefully, see some of the mini-games make an appearance in online modes as well.

Graphically this game looks pretty special with characters from many different games as well as tennis courts themed on many of them as well. To be honest though we haven't seen this game in action so we can't confirm the fluidity of movement or overall presentation, but with Sumo Digital developing the title we are hopeful for something pretty impressive.

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Amigo and MeeMee are winning.
Audio should also be pretty special for fans of the original games as Sega are including the theme songs and audio effects from many of the original titles.

When you come to Sega Superstars Tennis you can't expect the deepest of simulations, and we expect the title to have a very upbeat, and very arcade feel to it. If, however, Sega still manage to have the depth of Virtua Tennis 3 and include solid online gameplay (should it be included in the PS2 version) then this should be a winner. Expect a release around late March.