August 19, 2001
Rubu Tribe - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
Late 2001InterplayOutrage1$99.95

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Run... little dude... run.
Interplay announced at E3 that they were shifting focus from PC publishing to console game publishing. The stability, profits and opportunities available were all good incentives for change. One of the first games announced at the show was Rubu Tribe, a game that almost no one expected or anticipated. With almost 6 months to go until release (which varies between November 2001 and June 2002 depending on who you talk to) this game is already looking very polished.

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Your village on the back of Uut.
Rubu Tribe combines action, adventure, strategy and puzzle solving in a unique and imaginative journey. The player is chosen as champion of his people, and as a reluctant hero he sets out on a quest leading his tribe through a dangerous, organic world. Travelling in a village built on the back of a gargantuan creature called the Uut, their ultimate destination is the sacred place known as Munukuru. Their mission is to restore power to the mystical life force that sustains their people, but through an unexpected turn of events an even larger mystery is unravelled that will change their lives forever.

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They really do look cute don't they?
Rubu Tribe is played from a 3rd person perspective (above and behind your character). You must care for and protect your Uut, a giant elephant-like beast that carries your village on its back. By enlisting the help of your fellow tribe members, to discover new technologies to help you in your quest to explore the environment. It's possible to capture and train strange animals to use as mounts and weapons while your wits will eb required to overcome obstacles and protect your tribe by rationing resources, battling fierce creatures and exploring new areas.

I guess the closest comparison for this game in recent times is Lionhead's Black & White, although this game is only remotely similar. One thing is certain however; this game has just as much potential. Expect Rubu Tribes to be released either late this year, or early next.