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April 15, 2004
R-Type Final - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
7/5/2004THQ/Ice StormIrem1-2GHard
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen

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The dullest graphics in the game...
It's amazing when you think that R-Type has been around almost 20 years now, since 1987 in fact. The first game appeared in the arcades (and was ported to several systems including Sega Master System, Commodore 64, MSX, Gameboy, PC Engine and Turbografix 16). Since that time Irem have released R-Type 2, Super R-Type, R-Type 3, and R-Type Delta. This game R-Type Final is being touted by Irem as the final game in the R-Type series. Being a shooter there is no story as such, this is pure, flat-out action.

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R-Type has great weapons.
R-Type Final is set across 16 levels, all of which are stunningly created and detailed on the Playstation 2. While the game doesn't have the narrow pathways and unrelenting foes as in previous R-Type games there is certainly a challenge here, and the only way to complete the game will be to learn the weaknesses of each enemy, and the layout of each level. This is classic old-school shoot 'em up at its best. The controls are responsive, and the entire package well presented.

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Stunning backgrounds.
One of the bonuses of this game is the ability to unlock 100 different craft to pilot. Purists will certainly try to get every single one, I wasn't as keen, especially as after the first 15 or so you have enough variety in craft to complete the game. R-Type Final also includes over 160 different weapons to use. As with previous games in the series the "orb" (is that it's name - thats what I've always called it!) returns so you can change your weapons fire and shielding from the front to the back of the craft. Weapons can also be powered up by holding down the fire button, essential to take out the bosses.

There is very little to fault with this game. Indeed the only problem I have is that it may be a little too tough for some people, but given that past games have all had a similar difficulty purists will appreciate Irem retaining the challenge. The only other problem is the graphics, but more on that in a moment.

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That will wipe them out!
Graphics are both R-Type Final's strength, and weakness. There is little doubt that the visual quality is simply stunning with stunning weapon effects and explosions during the game. The backgrounds are equal to the task with some wonderful detail and splendid viewpoints as the camera rotates in a 3D style for some sections of the game. To top off the visuals it is even possible to change the colour of the body and canopy of the craft selected. The only real letdown is that the game contains some sections of slowdown which become more frequent with larger and more numerous enemies on screen as you get further into the game. Still, the effect on gameplay is minimal.

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Over the planet.
Sound retains the high quality of the other parts of the package. The sound effects such as explosions and weapons fire are electrifying while the music changes tempo perfectly to the action taking place on screen. Boss music is particularly impressive.

If this is to be the last game in the series then R-Type Final is a fitting farewell. The only negative aspect to the title is the slowdown which occurs on occasion. It can be quite distracting. If you like the old school shooters then this game should be one at the top of your release list. With a release price of only $AU69.95 it's an absolute bargain. Get it now.

Review By: David Warner

GRAPHICSStunning graphics overall, let down by slowdown in several places.
SOUNDPlenty of gunfire, plenty of explosions, good music - for a shooter.
GAMEPLAYR-Type at its best, with plenty of levels, and rock hard gameplay.
VALUEIt will take about 90 minutes to get through, 100 craft to unlock.
OVERALLIf this is indeed the last game in the R-Type series then it's a fitting farewell. As with other games this is frantic, and rock hard. You'll need to know what's ahead to progress. At $AU69.95 this is terrific value. Get R-Type Final now, you won't be disappointed.

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