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February 15, 2006
Rogue Trooper - PS2 Preview
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Just sitting back for a bit.
Rebellion have always been a company that I have had a fondness for. Most likely it came from my love of Alien Vs Predator which they developed on the Atari Jaguar years ago, and was fortunate enough to play. The company has had a string of solid titles in recent years, including the recently released Sniper Elite. Rogue Trooper is their latest title, and it looks like being one of the companies best. What's more it's based on the 2000AD comic license which should ensure a solid storyline, and atmospheric environments. So what's it all about then...

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Graphics look pretty neat.
Nu Earth: a poisoned planet where a seemingly endless war rages between the Norts and the Southers. A futile struggle on a hostile planet with no clear end in sight. But there are tales of a lone warrior. A man who can appear out of thin air and take out whole platoons, then disappear back into the shadows to which he belongs. A man who knows no allegiance but to his own mission and is hell-bent on revenge. He is the ultimate soldier, the last survivor of the massacred Genetic Infantrymen... - the Rogue Trooper!

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Sneaking up for a kill move.
Rogue Trooper is essentially a third person action title, but includes plenty of neat elements to keep you hooked. Firstly the game allows you to create the type of ammunition you want while you can use the spirits of deceased genetic soldiers Helm, Gunnar and Bagman who now 'live' inside your equipment to help in your missions. It will also be possible for Rogue to execute kill moves when in close range of enemies. If that wasn't enough Rebellion are also set to include some vehicles in the game - exactly how extensive their inclusion, or usefulness, is remains to be seen.

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Watch out for the flames!
The developers are also promising some split screen multi-player action and while we haven't seen this in action we also believe that online gameplay may be included in the final game (the XBox at least is getting support for 4-players online).

I guess looking at the surrounding screenshots it is evident that this isn't a triple-A looking game, but it should (going by Rebellion's past) end up looking better then average. If the gameplay can impress then this should be a solid game for fans of the 2000AD series to check out. Casual action game fans may also like to have a look. We'll do our damndest to bring you a review of Rogue Trooper when the game hits the shelves in late April.