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August 23, 2004
Ribbit King - Preview
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CannedAtariMedia Factory1-4$69.95

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Yes, it's a frolf game.
Some games are just plain wierd. The other night I fired up Treasure's Freak Out - certainly one of the strangest games ever. While not quite in that sense of strange Ribbit King certainly adds a new twist to the classic golf game that is best summed up by Atari in the following manner
Ribbit King is a ridiculously original sports adventure game from Bandai where you play games of ‘frolf’, a new hybrid of the familiar gentleman’s favourite, where the clubs are replaced by a mallet, and the balls by, yes you’ve guessed it, frogs!

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On the Frosticle course.
Believe it or not this game actually has a storyline. Scooter must hurry to save his planet! Power supplies are running out and to save them he must compete in a Frolf (Frog-golf) Tournament to win the coveted “Super Ribbinite”. Help Scooter become the champion as he battles many strange characters and challenging courses on his Frolf Tour through 5 different worlds. Defeat all opponents to win The Frolf Cup and the Super Ribbinite prize.  Planet Hippitron is counting on you! OK, let's be realistic, this is a golf game and the storyline is going to be little more then a distraction on the side.

The four rounds of frolf take place in a variety of environments - from ice-scapes to lava rivers and jungles - by hitting a hammer to make Kero the frog leap across courses. Bounce on spider webs, jump across elephants, eat flies and much more to gain bonus points and beat your competitor before you get to your hole! The game includes several different worlds to explore including the following:

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On the first hole.
Ribbetopia - This is a very lush, green and pleasant planet.  There are many animals living here so you never know what you might come across.  Watch out for Woolly the mammoth, Snake, Dino-Bird and many others.  Some are friendly but be careful when you approach them.  You can usually win points from them, but you never know what might happen if they’re surprised!

Frosticle - Be careful in this world – it’s covered in frost and ice, so wrap up warm and try not to slip! Beware of Frozo, although if you time it right, he can help you on your way.  By the time you reach this planet, your froggy pal probably needs a rest – try to get him to the Ice Mover so that it can carry him to the hole!

Techtron - This is a mechanical planet filled with buildings and factories.  By this point, you should have some good Frolfing skills but you’ll need them all to overcome these obstacles.  There are lots of ways to get extra points in this world, but of course, you have to work hard to get them.  Use the Jumpoline to maneuver your frog around tricky corners and look for bubbles to win extra points.

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OK, I can't explain this...
Lavatron - This is where you’ll meet Lunk – the grumpiest rock you’ll ever meet. Lavatron is a world covered in lava. With many ghosts and ghouls, it could be quite scary, but go with the flow and there are lots of points to be won.  Look out for Chomp, who loves the taste of frogs’ legs and the Warping quicksand – although if you’re lucky it could prove to be a short-cut!

Hypnotron - Mysterious things happen when you visit this planet – hold your nerve, you must beat all your opponents to become the Frolf Champion!  Things that seem like obstacles will often result in more points for you if you concentrate and use your very best Frolfing skills.  With UFOs, Slimies and Magical Meteorites, who knows what this round will hold in store?

This looks like one seriously fun party game with lush visuals, and great gameplay. Let's just hope there is enough depth here to keep you playing for some time. Expect a release here in September.