December 30, 2001
Rez - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
22/2/2002SegaUnited Game Artists1$99.95

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The first level boss in the game.
United Game Artists are probably best known for Space Channel 5 on Dreamcast, and soon Playstation 2. But while that game is dancing type game Rez is quite different. Music still plays a crucial part in the game but the gameplay is more of a shoot 'em up. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this title is that many of the graphics are wire frame based giving the game a very unique look. Although this is a shoot 'em up UGA have seen fit to include a storyline. The game involves you trying to eradicate a virus, which is attacking a computer.

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Check out the gorgeous explosions.
The character that you control is equipped with two different weapons. The first is a lock-on laser, which allows you to target 8 enemies at once while the second weapon is a smart bomb to attack many enemies at a time. The game is really quite straight forward in concept but its implementation is done with so much precision and care that this game seems far ahead of other shooters. Each level is split up into 10 "waves" of enemies as well as boss encounters. Each level has a different visual and sonic theme to ensure the game remains fresh at all times. The game actually looks more like an interactive light show in a club then a traditional console game. Looking at the screenshots is nothing compared to watching this game in full motion. It's superb.

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A more barren level, to begin with.
Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this game is the trance/dance feel to the music. As you are playing the sound effects are worked into the music to help form a more solid track to listen to. It's an exciting experience that gives the game such an unique feel.

I am absolutely dying to play this game, especially with my speaker setup in the lounge room. It should be a phenomenal experience and with United Game Artists known as big clubbers the music should be superb. The game has a unique look and while the gameplay still remains untested early impressions are largely favourable. Rez is currently expected to be released in late January.