October 28, 2002
Reign of Fire - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
15/11/2002BAM! EntertainmentKuju!1$99.95

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The fire effects are spectacular.
For those of you that are unaware the Reign of Fire game is actually based on a movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. While most games based on movies are fairly shoddy, especially those that come out around the same time as the movie with rushed development schedules, Reign of Fire has had the added benefit of lengthy delays to the cinematic release. This extra time has allowed the developers, Kuju! Entertainment, to refine the game and polish it off nicely, but is also has a pretty strong storyline to base itself upon.

In the year 2024, highly evolved dragons are the dominant species left on the planet. Only a few human beings exist. A brave Englishman, Quinn (played by Christian Bale), and his follower's battle for survival against the creatures, taking refuge in an abandoned castle. They unexpectedly encounter American dragon-slayer Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey) and his rag-tag squad, who are planning a dangerous crusade to post-apocalyptic London to fight the dragons.

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Attacking on the grassy hills.
The Reign of Fire game is split into two sections. Initially beginning the conflict on the side of the humans, the player must overcome pitch battles with the dragons before unlocking the playable dragon side of the game. These missions provide the player with the opportunity to play some of the human missions from the dragon's perspective as well as many other missions allowing the player to explore the limits of the Dragon's destructive abilities.

As a human, you participate in the fight for survival as a resistance fighter, controlling a variety of well-equipped vehicles. Your purpose is to defend the last remaining humans from attack and battle your way to the site of the sole male dragon - London, now lying in ruins. The three main fighting forces are the U.S. Military - huge in numbers, but high in casualties, this heavily armed force have an impressive arsenal at their disposal including; scout cars, self propelled guns, jump jets and mobile missile launchers in addition to heavily armed soldiers and a selection of land based vehicles.

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The levels look a little bland.
A smaller and far less organized group are the Norfolk Militia, a collection of militants that have decided to brave their own battle for survival, they have a few vehicles at their disposal including crop dusting biplanes, and a cavalry, but comparatively they are the least effective against their gigantic enemy of all the factions.

The most important group by far are 'Kentucky Irregulars', they operate under the command of Van Zan. It is as one of these irregulars that the player will begin the game. They are the most disciplined and experienced of all dragon slayers, organizing themselves in a military style fashion they have at their disposal a large selection of military style vehicles, which will assist the player in their missions.

As a dragon, the player takes the role of an infant, governed by an instinct to survive and destroy. Progression through the game sees the player maturing, eventually becoming so powerful, that the human race is surely destined for extinction.

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More destruction.
Essentially this game is a 3rd person shooter which takes place over a variety of scorched terrain, which is the results of humans and dragons competiting for survival. The developers are promising that the vehicles and dragons will be easy to drive and fly with satisfying physics to learn - while still making them a challenge to master. Reign of Fire will also include a variety of weapons and vehicles based on the film to try and take out the enemies with.

While the movie takes places on overwhelming scorched landscapes the backgrounds in these screenshots look decidedly average. Fortunately, from the footage I've seen of the game it certainly looks nice in action, and the movie was fairly entertaining with plenty of good game type moments. Expect a release in mid-November.