October 2, 2001
Rayman M - Preview
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It's off an running.
Rayman Revolution is still one of my favourite platform games of all time, and why shouldn't it be. Superb graphics, wonderful orchestral music and, most importantly, totally addicitve and enjoyable gameplay combined to make it the best platform game on any system in year. It's a true "must have" game on the Playstation 2. While many people were hoping to see Rayman 3 in time for Christmas 2001, it was never to be. You can't create another platform game in only 12 months, not if you want it to be any good and the next true sequel is more likely a Christmas 2002 release. But don't dispair as Rayman fans will be playing Rayman M this year, a multi-player focused platform racing game.

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Detail in split screen modes rock.
Rayman M allows you to select from eight playable characters including Rayman, Globox, Teensies, Razorbeard and more. All the characters have been given the same abilites as Rayman, which includes jumping, shooting, swinging from rings and gliding. The game includes an impressive 29 courses in total, 16 of which are racing tracks and 13 of which are arenas. The developers have re-designed man of the levels in Rayman Revolution to make them a little more linear in this game. This is to ensure a slightly easier game for youngsters and more of a focus on close racing. There will still be some paths to choose between with shorter paths forcing you to take more risks and face dangerous obsticles compared to the longer ones.

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As you can see lighting is stunning.
As we've come to expect from UbiSoft this game looks absolutely stunning. The development team have apparently managed to get the game running at a solid 60fps in single player mode, and 30fps in the 4-player split screen mode. Reports on the latest build of the game are that the developers have also removed the small amounts of slowdown from the previous Rayman games. Expect plenty of stunning lighting and special effects, as well as improved texturing from the platform game.

With games such as Mario Party and Mario Kart generating a lot of interest and sales as predominantly multi-player games, there is no reason as to why this game can't emulate this success. The graphics are crisp, the characters varied, and the gameplay frantic. What more do you want? Put this at the top of every families' Christmas list.