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October 7, 2002
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - Preview
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Rayman looks as colourful as ever.
Those of you who have been visiting this site over the last couple of years will know just how much I love the Rayman series from UbiSoft. I easily put the character, his personality, and the gameplay up there with the greats such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Lara Croft and Mario. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc looks to only strengthen the characters solid reputation. Ever since Rayman 2 first appeared on the Dreamcast wat back in March 2000 we have been waiting for a true sequel to appear. The Playstation 2 received a remixed game called Rayman Revolution which was less linear then the Dreamcast game, but also more confusing as a result. Early 2003 will see a true sequel, however, with UbiSoft officially announcing this impressive looking title just prior to the 2002 E3 show.

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Check ou the stunning detail.
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc won't win any awards for its storyline, but it's solid enough to make the game interesting. In Hoodlum Havoc the Lums, small light beings that are the power source of Rayman's universe, are becoming tainted by an evil influence, transforming into Dark Lums. Their new purpose is to taint the Heart of the World, the centre of all existence. Rayman, being the hero he is, must avert this catastrophe causing this new Hoodlum Army to put a bounty on his head. With Globox in tow Rayman will find defeating the Hoodlum Generals only the first part of an even bigger story. Old friends return to offer assistance, new foes form alliances to create bigger troubles for Rayman, and Globox develops a drinking problem and a bizarre split personality!

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This section looks tricky.
This game retains a cartoon fantasy world in which Rayman comes face-to-face with some of his greatest adversaries yet. We can expect plenty of frantic humour, especially from the histerical Globox, and lush visuals throughout the game. As stated in UbiSoft's press release Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc will feature many brand new game elements. Its action adventure format will be familiar to many fans, but advanced combat will form the heart of this latest installment.

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Typical platforming action.
Rayman will have new movements and powers including, The Power Fist, Grapple and Super Helicopter, and he will certainly need them as he comes up against over 20 powerful enemies, including the savage Hoodlum tribe. The new Tactical Arcade Combat System will ensure players use their brains, as each enemy has specific strengths and combat strategies, and will only be defeated by the correct fighting techniques.

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Some of the hoodlums.
If you've never played or seen a Rayman game then I'd better point out that Rayman's body is invisible - except his head, they aren't graphical glitches you're seeing. From the surrounding screenshots this game appears to be even more visually exciting then the previous games. Sound should also be impressive. Previous games in the series have used large orchestras to record the music and it worked wonderfully. Perhaps the most impressive part of the previous games has been the dialogue. The characters, and especially Globox, are tremendously funny, and often better then most of the junk seen on TV these days. Expect more of the same for this game.

With a slightly more evil and dark look this game should have a slightly older target audience. Thats not a bad thing at all as so many people missed out on one of the best platform games ever with the prequel. Expect a lot more detail about this game closer to the 03/03/03 release date.