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July 25, 2005
Rainbow Six: Lockdown - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
8/9/2005UbisoftUbisoft Montreal1-2, 16 $99.95

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Some gorgeous graphics.
The Tom Clancy Rainbow Six titles are widely regarded as among the best action titles on PC and consoles. Indeed the graphics and sound are always top notch however it's the gameplay that sets it apart as you control Ding Chavez, the team leader who orders his squads through the missions. This is the second game in the series to hit the Playstation 2 and promises to be one of the best squad based games in years. Gamers will be aware of the strong storylines in the games as well, and Rainbow Six Lockdown is no exception.

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Enemy above.
In the near future, a global terrorist network threatens to strike with a terrifying nanotech virus but the target is uncertain. Rainbow, an international elite counter-terrorism unit is spearheading a new war on terror. They are the only one who can save millions of innocent lives threaten by radical terrorists. But this terrorist network is also packing state-of-the-art weapons, and they're using Rainbow's tactics against them. Ambushed and outnumbered, the members of Team Rainbow must find the strength to defeat their most dangerous enemies yet. When Team Rainbow is personally attacked close-quarter battles reach unprecedented levels of tension and intensity. You lead Team Rainbow. You do not negotiate with terror. You destroy it.

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Battle in the streets.
In terms of gameplay Rainbow Six Lockdown follows the same close quarter combat that previous games have become so well known for. As well as weapons seen in previous games this title introduces motion trackers, battering rams, and the MTAR-21 micro assault rifle bringing the number of available guns to over twenty. The game take place in a wide variety of locations around the world from South Africa to the Netherlands, Scotland Parliament to Scotland University to name a few.

A.I. is also being improved greatly to this title. In previous titles it could take a little bit of time for your team to entered breached rooms and areas. In this latest game the teams will now rush into rooms much like real life where speed is of the essence. The action of various groups also changes. Less trained enemies will shoot from the hip or blindly from behind a table or box demonstrating their limited skills. The developers are also including a new ragdoll physics engine which should add a little more reality to the game.

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One of the gritty levels.
Multi-player has always been a major part of Tom Clancy games and indeed Rainbow Six: Lockdown is no exception with support for up to 16-players. In terms of game modes the developers have included Retrieval (basically "Capture the Flag"), Rivalry (where teams compete to complete the objectives first), and Team Adversarial. Co-op modes are also available and all provide 2-player split screen modes. The Co-op Missions and Co-Op Terrorist Hunt both allow up to 4-players to work together to defeat the AI controlled terrorists.

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Using the sniper rifle.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown is very impressive visually, and it's equal to the task when moving too. The levels look wonderful and the visual effects such as explosions are second to none be it in the city streets or small buildings. Sound effects are also being beefed up for more tension and realism - I can't say that this was even an issue in the past!

With a release date penciled in for early September Tom Clancy game fans and online gamers are going to have a great month. If you're an offline gamer Ubisoft have you covered too with plenty of missions to compete.