May 14, 2001
Quake III Revolution - Review
Release Date Publisher Developer Players Rating Price
30/3/2001Electronic ArtsBullfrog1-4 MA15+$99.95
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The level architecture is intricate.
There is little doubt about the popularity of Quake on PC around the world. With over 2.5 million copies sold id Software have created one of the biggest gaming franchises. The games haven't had it all to their own however with Epic Games releasing the very popular Unreal Tournament and Valve releasing Half-Life, possibly the best single player FPS ever. There was never a doubt that Quake would make an appearance on the Playstation 2 eventually. What was a surprise was that Electronic Arts would wait until only a three months prior to release to announce such a big release on the system. But this isn't simply a port of the original PC game as Bullfrog have included several additions and enhancements to the game, hence the name change. This is Quake III Revolution.

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4-player action is tremendous fun.
Otherwise known as Quake 3 Arena on the PC, Quake III Revolution is primarily a deathmatch FPS (First Person Shooter) with several different game modes. The game has little storyline and very few cut scenes to break up the action. Some of the six different game modes include Deathmatch, Domination, team-based Capture the Flag, and the all-new Elimination. While the game modes differ in their overall goals one thing is certain. You will have to hone your shooting skills to perfection. Unfortunately Bullfrog didn't include support for a USB mouse and keyboard opting to optimise the game for the Dual Shock 2 controller which works surprisingly well. To aide you in your destruction it's possible to pick up 12 different weapons littered throughout the levels including shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and the ever-popular B.F.G. (no awards for guessing what it stands for). New to the Playstation 2 port is a chain gun, and proximity mines which are tremendous fun when in a multi-player game.

Quake III Revolution includes 36 arenas in total with 12 totally new or modified levels especially for the Playstation 2 version of the game. It definitely takes some time to unlock all the levels as the game begins to get rock hard after the first 20 levels or so. Also new to the Playstation 2 version is the ability to develop your character's combat skills in a newly designed single-player campaign. As you progress through the levels your character is awarded with increased abilities such as maximum health and armour as well as speed. These advanced characters can then be saved to the memory card and used to battle in split-screen competitions against your friends.

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Can you make it to the armour?
As you would expect it's the multi-player action that really sets this game alight. The computer AI, while not quite as sharp as the PC version, is still as good as any other console FPS on the market. When you are playing against friends however, the game takes on a whole new level of excitement. The difficulty level is upped sufficiently (as long as your friends know how to play the game) while the fun of sneaking up behind them with a shotgun is hard to beat. The 4-player split screen game holds up significantly well considering the graphics and speed of the game. One thing which would have made a nice addition was support for the i.Link cable to link up several Playstation 2's for full screen/non peeking action.

Bullfrog, who developed the title, have done a splendid job with the graphics. The frame rate is rock solid while the amount of detail in both the levels and characters is astounding. While the animation could be better, as with the PC game, there can be no denying the speed which the game moves at. The music is quite up-tempo and perfectly suited to the fast paced action of Quake 3 Revolution. As you would expect the sound effects are explosive.

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Texture detail is good, even on PS2.
It's really had to fault Quake III Revolution and while it is perfect in many respects I can't help feeling severely let down by the lack of USB keyboard and mouse support. For that, the game loses 5 marks in my book. Everything else from the graphics, to the gameplay, atmosphere, options and excitement are all near perfect. With Unreal Tournament now on the shelves (with USB support) and THQ's enormous Red Faction only weeks away it makes buying this game a tough choice if you're on a limited budget. One thing is certain, if you do buy Quake III Revolution you won't be disappointed. This game is a blast.

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