January 15, 2001
Quake 3 Revolution - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
30/3/2001Electronic ArtsBullfrog1-4$99.95

Click To Enlarge ImageAny PC gamer will tell you how great Quake 3 Arena is, especially if they frequent LAN parties a lot. In fact, the three Quake games to date have sold well over 2.5 million copies. Not bad in an industry where a game need only sell 500,000 copies to become a smash hit. The game, along with Unreal Tournament, is probably the most popular FPS (First Person Shooter) on the market and it's no wonder why. Quake 3 Arena is a fast and furious action game where the graphics are stunning and the gameplay intense. A port to the Playstation 2 was always certain, but Electronic Arts have something special planned, and it's not just the name change.

Click To Enlarge ImageQuake 3 Arena, as it is known on the PC, is primarily a deathmatch FPS game. There is little to no storyline and very few cut scenes. The idea is simply to kill as many opponents as quickly as possible. The winner is the first person to reach a certain number of kills. To aide you in your destruction you can pick up a variety of weapons including shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Electronic Arts are boosting the arsenal for the Playstation 2 game and have added new weapons including nail gun, chain gun, and proximity mines which sound like a lot of fun.

Click To Enlarge ImageThe developers have also enhanced the PC version by including a new single-player deathmatch focus. Quake 3 Revolution now includes a new "storyline" to drive the action, while also retaining the multi-player thrills by adding a split screen mode for up to 4-players at a time. Only time will tell how well the frame rate and graphics hold up under the stresses of 4 people on one console, but EA aren't one for releasing sub standard products. To keep the game fresh EA have added 12 totally new or modified levels, including a special Bullfrog themed secret level and 2 new boss levels. New power-ups including invulnerability and kamikaze have been included to add more variety to the game.

Click To Enlarge ImageQuake 3 Revolution should be an awesome game on the Playstation 2. The system, and with EA so heavily involved in PS2 development, should be more then capable of pulling off the stunning graphics required for the game. With plenty of added extras Quake 3 Revolution looks like a sure-fire winner. The only way this game could be even better is if EA surprise us by adding some of the Quake 3: Team Arena elements, although this has sadly not yet been confirmed. This game is already looking like a winner, and should be on the top of every PS2 owners shopping list this March.