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Jan. 3, 2006
Psychonauts - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
9/2/2006THQDouble Fine/Budcat Creations1$TBA

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Ohh look, the game's hero Raz!
Have you head of Tim Schafer. He may not be the household name that Hideo Kojima or Kazunori Yamauchi are, but he has been the brainchild of such gems as Grim Fandango and Full Throttle on the PC several years ago. Now he's back with an all-new adventure game called Psychonauts - one of the funniest and most whacked-out looking games to hit the Playstation 2 during it's entire life. PAL territories have had to wait for this one (somewhat agonizingly - and even more so since Eurogamer gave it GOTY recently!) but financial troubles with Majesco (the games publisher) and the collapse of a deal for Vivendi to distribute that companies games were unforseen. Fortunately, THQ have now picked up the rights to Majesco's titles (including Jaws and Aeon Flux on PS2, Infected on PSP) and the games will be coming soon.

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Graphics are pretty neat.
For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but this time trouble is brewing in their own boot camp. A deranged scientist is abducting camp cadets for their brains. One student, a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz, stands alone against the lunatic. Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers including his most powerful weapon of allóthe ability to launch himself telepathically into the minds of others. Ultimately he must enter the psyche of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source while trying not to lose his sanity in the process.

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Sliding down the rail.
With a whacky story you can be assured that the 13 levels are equally insane with three set in the real world, and ten set inside fantastic mental playgrounds and horrific dungeons of dementia. Levels are littered with object to interact with including tightropes, trapezes, ladders, poles, ledges, trampolines, climbing walls and rail slides. Each level offers non-linear gameplay with incredible depth offers multiple paths and sub-challenges (digging up PSItanium arrowheads, finding lost brains, telekinetic canoeing, and winning the psychic scavenger hunt) so there is always a goal to accomplish.

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What the hell is this about!
As you progress through the game you will complete special training missions to learn the power of Levitation and the ability to focus Razís mental energy into a powerful PSI Blast. Further on you will earn additional psychic powers including Telekinesis, Invisibility, Pyrokinesis, Clairvoyance and Confusion. It sounds confusing but it adds up to one very amusing game.

Another of the more qwerky aspects of Psychonauts is the ability to put your thoughts to useóRaz can grab the thought bubble over his head and pull it down around himself as a shield, hang from it like a hot air balloon, or jump on top of it and ride it around like a skateboard.

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That's a big, ermm, thing!
Graphics in the game keep with the gameplay, that being entertaining, funny and colourful. Raz looks delightful when moving and there's plenty of nice (and often comical) touches in the game to keep you amused. Let's just hope it holds a solid frame rate.

Psychonauts promises to be one of the most entertaining platform titles in recent years. Indeed reviews from America where the game was released some time ago were very positive and while PAL gamers have had to wait it looks to be a game worth waiting for. We're not 100% certain yet but we believe that this title will be released at a lower then full retail pricepoint - stay tuned on that one. Expect a release in February 2006 through THQ.