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March 9, 2005
Predator: Concrete Jungle - Preview
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Eurocom looks wonderful.
"I ain't got time to bleed", "You're one ugly motherfucker", "If it bleeds, we can kill it" and "Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me". If you've heard those phrases before then the chances are you've seen one of the best action movies of all time, Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's quite amazing that it's taken this long for a game based on the franchise (there was also a inferior Predator 2 movie - which still had its moments) to be released on consoles, but with the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator movie the timing couldn't be more right.

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I saw his eyes...
Predator: Concrete Jungle unfolds the gripping tale of the alienís history on Earth between two separate time periods, 1930 and 2030, as the Predator embarks on a mission of revenge upon a Mafia organisation and its leader who seek to expose its very existence. Taking inspiration from the popular film franchise and with comic book legend Grant Morrison (who has worked on comics from Fantastic Four to Doom Patrol and X-Men to The Invisibles) writing the story, the game allows players to roam a vast city landscape stalking human prey with weapons of annihilation, cloaking technology, and various vision modes.

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Just hanging around.
During Predator: Concrete Jungle you will hunt down your prey within an urban killing zone as you take on the legendary role of the lethal Predator within this 3rd person action extravaganza. Being a predator you have many different visual options including thermographic vision, electromagnetic vision, pheromone vision and predtech vision. While the first three are fairly self-explanatory (heat, electricity and scent) the predtech vision is geared specifically for your predator to see where other predators are in the levels by scanning for other predators using their alien equipment.

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Graphics are pretty nice.
Weapons in the game include plasma canon, spear guns, smart discs, and the combi stick as seen in the movie. Of course, as with the movies, it will also be possible to turn invisible to get past enemies and remain undetected.

Eurocom have never produced the greatest looking games (although James Bond: Nightfire had some pretty impressive moment), but having said that they aren't any slouches either and Predator: Concrete Jungle easily looks like their best game to date. The game also includes realistic day/night patterns as well as different weather cycles. While little is known of the sound it is believed the Predator will be able to utter English phrases, with many of these sound being lifted out of the movies. Cool.

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Check out the predator vision.
With a release not scheduled until late May 2005 Eurocom and Vivendi have had plenty of time to ensure that this game is a top notch title. The decision to hold the game back from a Christmas 2004 to April 2005 release is an excellent decision given the very crowded pre-Christmas market. Hopefully the game will retain the brutality of the first two movies, and includes a lot more action then the kiddie-friendly/dumbed down Aliens Vs Predator. "Stick around" for more details, and hopefully a review, for Predator: Concrete Jungle in the coming weeks. "I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun..."