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January 28, 2005
Playboy: The Mansion - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
3/3/2005UbisoftCyberlore Studios1$79.95

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Party time at the mansion.
How many men in this would want to live a life like Hef? C'mon don't deny it. You know it's true. Unfortunately the closest almost any of us will come to living the Playboy life is this rather exciting game from Cyberlore Studios, Playboy: The Mansion. This game blends state-of-the-art social simulation with traditional role-playing and empire-building gameplay. As Hugh Hefner, you build the Playboy mansion and magazine into a dynamic cultural icon and powerful brand. Rub shoulders with stunning women and stimulating celebrities as you pursue the ultimate Playboy lifestyle. Grow famous and gain exclusive access to the Playboy Archives, including footage of the world-famous Playboy Mansion.

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The Future Gamez office - I wish!
The object of this game is to build up the Playboy empire complete with lavish lifestyle and of course the Mansion. Being a game it's possible to build the mansion to your own desire be it a stately manor, or a gadget lovers paradise. As your fame and wealth increase you'll be able to add tennis courts, game houses, aviaries, even the world-famous Grotto to your estate. Of course having the lush pad means you need to show it off and Playboy: The Mansion allows you to invite around celebrity guests including actors, athletes, authors, business executives, comedians, fashion designers, models, musicians, politicians, racecar drivers and scientists.

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The OFLC passed this - really...
Another of the key elements to this game is the ability to manage the Playboy Magazine. You must manage a crack editorial staff, hustle celebrity interviews and mold the magazine in response to a fickle market. Are readers suddenly interested in sports? Maybe it's time to host a tennis tournament and schmooze Boris McEngroe. And remember, people don't just read Playboy for the articles. Each month you'll invite women to stay at the Mansion, manage their Playmate training and oversee their sexy photo-shoots. Of course if you become good enough friends with them you never know where your relationship may lead.

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Looking down on the mansion.
The game includes two main game modes. The Empire mode allows you to select your own goals including fame, circulation, guests, etc and then work over a series of months or years to achieve them. Another mode is the Campaign mode which provides dozens of tasks that chronicle Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion's rise to international fame. While not confirmed hopefully there will be plenty of mini-games to keep us entertained as well.

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On the photo shoot.
Playboy: The Mansion includes a full 3D environment with a dynamic, zoomable camera. Zoom out and admire the majesty of each mansion area or zoom in and view the excitement up close. The mansion includes a wide range of areas such as the inside of the Mansion, Back Lawn, Pool and Grotto, Gym, Tennis Court, Aviary and Zoo, Game House and Garage.

It still amazes me that Playboy: The Mansion got past the OFLC with and MA15+ rating, although it only contains nudity, not sexual violence which is the greater issue in games. Still, expect to hear more about it when the family groups realise this game is out and 10 year olds are playing a game rated for 15 and over. Anyway it might be worth your while snapping this game up pretty quick upon release which is expected sometime in March.