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July 15, 2005
Panzer Front AUSF.B - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
25/8/2005505 GamesEnterbrain1$79.95

Charging across the desert.
It was pretty funny to see this appear on the release schedules earlier this year. Only hours after I had completed my review of Activision's World War II FPS Call of Duty: Finest Hour in which I commented that it was strange there were no realistic tank games in recent years this game appeared on Atari's schedules and was due out within weeks. Well time has passed, the game didn't come out and Atari dropped it from their schedules. The good news is that the game will now be released through Red Ant.

Panzer Front AUSF.B is actually the sequel to Enterbrain's Panzer Front on PSOne, a game which earned a reputation as a fairly solid tank simulation. This sequel looks set to surpass that original in almost every regard - graphics, gameplay and size of battles. The additional power of the PS2 should really assist this title in reaching its true potential.

Targeting the enemy.
Set in the North African Front during World War II Panzer Front AUSF.B allows you to take control of a squad of German, Italian or British tanks and engage in large scale battles. The missions are based around historical events and include locations where actual battles took place. To accomodate the range of skills the developers are including three difficulty levels; Veteran, Ace and Custom. I'm not certain but it sounds like custom will give you a wide range of variables to change in order to customise the game to your own abilities or liking. Also promised is a realistic damage system - not a surprise really given the realism of the entire package. We still haven't had any hands on time with Panzer Front AUSF.B let alone delve into the gameplay so we'll have to reserve judgement of that until our review.

A column of tanks...
have to apologise for the screens here, unfortunately they were the biggest I could get! While the game isn't likely to win any awards the video footage I have seen of the Japanese game running looks pretty nice and certainly conveys a sense of large scale battles fairly well. The action can also be viewed from a variety of camera angles.

This game was actually released in Japan to fairly positive reviews in mid-2004, and at this stage doesn't look like it's heading to America. I guess for once PAL gamers will have something to show off to NTSC gamers. The release of Panzer Front AUSF.B is currently set for late August (we hope) thanks to Red Ant.