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April 15, 2005
Outlaw Golf 2 - Review
Release Date Distributor Developer Players Rating Difficulty
7/1/2005Take TwoHypnotix1-4, 4 M15+Medium
Save Size Sound Format Vibration 60Hz Mode 50Hz Border Widescreen

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Xbox screens, PS2 looks identical.
If you're one of those golfers that wears 1970's white garb when playing and follows the "gentlemanís" ethos and etiquette then this probably isn't an interpretation of the sport that will appeal to you. This M15+ rated game takes the sport to the extreme - well not really the sport, but more the behavior on the greens, and the characters that perform them. You see, in this game, it's not just about the score, but also the humour. The first Outlaw Golf was released in 2002 on PC, Gamecube and Xbox but for some reason it missed the PS2. It doesn't matter now, this sequel is vastly superior, and at only $29.95 has the potential to be one of the best value titles on the system.

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Summer is one very hot golfer.
In terms of gameplay this is pretty much your standard golf game. After selecting your club, the type of shot and the target area it comes down to your timing with the analogue stick. Pull down to power-up and then push forward to swing the club when you've hit the amount of power you need. If you push the stick to the left or right you will end up hooking or slicing the ball, and the results are pretty nasty. There's nothing special about this game, but it doesn't do anything fundamentally wrong either. One of the more interesting additions is that of the composure meter. If your golfers composure is low he or she is more likely to hit a poor shot, if the composure is high there's a better chance of a great shot.

Outlaw Golf 2 is lifted from a mediocre game by the inclusions. As well as 10 excellent golfers (and their equally charismatic caddies) this game includes 8 courses, each with enough variety to be quite different from the others. Three of these courses are from the original game, and five others are entirely new. Given that we never saw the original though they will all be new to PS2 owners.

There's a couple of other distractions. For one you can now beat up your caddie to increase your composure - it's pretty funny especially when you show some unsuspecting friends who think this is an ordinary golf game. The second distraction is the ability to jump in a golf buggy and hoon around the course!

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Country Clem - He's a crack up!
Despite the enjoyment with this title there are two main problems which I have. The first are the load times which can be a little annoying between holes, menus and even worse, every player dummy spit or celebrations. These load times are only a few seconds, but become very annoying. Also annoying is that while playing a round against CPU controlled opponents every now and then, perhaps every couple of holes, the CPU player seems to have a mental blank - often just thinking (which is indicated by a light globe above their head) for up to 30 seconds or so.

First things first, these screens seem to be of the XBox game however it was I could grab a hold of. Fortunately the PS2 game looks virtually identical so you're not being misled here. The courses themselves aren't overly detailed but each has a distinct look to it making it unique. The characters themselves are animated fairly well however they aren't as detailed or high polygon as we've come to expect these days. Outlaw Golf 2 also has an occasional graphical glitch, particularly when on a steep slope the club appears to stick through the ground when lining up to swing. It doesn't affect your shot but certainly should have been remedied.

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Whacking the caddie!
Sound is certainly a highlight of this title. The commentator is one you'll either love or hate. His comments are rarely about the action in the golf tournament, but let's face it there isn't a lot to be said about whacking a ball around a course. His commentary though it usually pretty funny and will keep you smiling through the rounds of golf. Likewise the character voices are also very entertaining and quite well done - Summer and Autumn are so damn hot! The music is certainly impressive with songs from bands such as All Systems Go!, DJ Lux, God's Children and Dave Isaacs. The bands weren't instantly recognisable to me, but the music was - and despite the rock leanings suit the game perfectly. Finally the sound effects. Well - woosh, smack, thud (thatís the sound of swinging, hitting and seeing the ball land).

Overall Outlaw Golf 2 is superb value for money. It has been released at a budget price, and in Australia I've seen it as cheap as $24 or so. With online gameplay, several courses and golfers to master and a tonne of challenges this game will have you hooked for days. Not one for the kids, but older gamers should like this.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSThe characters look ok, the courses varied. Pretty solid.
SOUNDMusic is good, commentary can get repetitive, but can be quite funny.
GAMEPLAYLoad times could be better, but this game is a blast with mates.
VALUEAt $29.95 with online play this is great value any way you look at it.
OVERALLOutlaw Golf 2 doesn't have a patch on EA's Tiger Woods titles technically, but in terms of gameplay, course design and party atmosphere it's still tremendous fun, and at a bargain price too!

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