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April 19, 2004
Onimusha Blade Warriors - Preview
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A scene from Kill Bill?
Capcom. Not just content with releasing their action adventure games Onimusha but the company has also modified the game to become action based. Plenty of action abounds in this stunning looking title. Will it be a success? Will it be as big as Onimusha 3 which is due out only a couple of months later? Well, both games are very different and could both draw equally big audiences. Hell, if reports are to be believed this is more like Super Smash Brothers, one of the best fighting games on Nintendo systems. Of course, as with even fighting based games there is a story to tell, and Capcom aren't going to disappoint in that departmenet with Onimusha Blade Warriors.

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The enemies are varied
Onimusha Blade Warriors is set in the semi-mythical universe of sengoku-era Japan. In the game you will be able to select your warrior from among 24 unlockable characters and prepare to battle. Samanosuke, star of Onimusha Warlords will now be able to go head-to-head with Jubei from Onimusha 2: Samurai's Desiny. Not only will the playable characters be the heroes of the game, but also the demonic villians that have appeared through the games.

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Check out the visual effects.
Four modes of game play will be included. The story mode should provide the bulk of the gameplay as you battle a long line of foes. As expected these will include average enemies, and then a boss, some more enemies, another boss and so on. Other game modes in Onimush Blade Warriors include fighting, mini-game and practice - all pretty standard fare. One addition to thie game, which should add some depth, is the ability to "level up" your character.

The major drawcard to this title will be the 4-player support with a multi-tap. Not only will you be able to battle each other, but you will also be able to compete in 4-player in story mode.

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Very nice backdrop there.
Capcom are also promising interactive environments. This means you will be able to break objects, or use them as cover. The backgrounds will also be effected by environmental effects such as wind. As you can see from these screenshots this is an excellent looking game.

It will be interesting to see how well this spin-off does for Capcom. The idea a a 4-player fighting game is interesting, and has proven a hit for Nintendo with Super Smash Brothers and indeed Capcom with Powerstone, a 4-player fighting game on the Dreamcast which was tremendous fun. Throw in some fantastic visuals and a game universe which millions of people the world over have come to know an love and Onimusha Blade Warriors looks like a winner. Expect a release in June.