May 22, 2002
Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny - Preview
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Hmmm. She's a babe.
When the original Onimusha was released it was heralded as a fresh take on the Resident Evil games the Capcom were producing on an almost yearly basis. Set in feudal Japan Onimusha was a massive success both critically and commercially. It was inevitable that Capcom would produce a sequel to their million selling game and Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny is the result.

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There are many more enemies now.
The storyline of Onimusha 2 is as follows. The story takes place in the early summer of 1573, 13 years following the original game. You play Yagyu Jubei, a new main character, who has just returned from travels to find that his hometown has been under attack. Apparently, these attacks were the doing of Nobunaga Oda, the ruthless warlord who appeared in part 1 in undead form and now, at the age of 39, still longs to unite the nation of Japan.

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The games hero.
Many locations will make a re-appearance but the game will be much larger and will now include many more enemies and gameplay elements. The controls are similar to the original game although apparently the battles have been streamlined and now give you the ability to lock your attacks onto a single character with the press of a button.

Capcom are also promising more bonus features in the game. These may include a making of documentary, which are thankfully becoming more common these days, a music video clip (the games theme song) and an art gallery among other things.

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One of the massive enemies.
While the surrounding screenshots may not look too improved over the original the difference is in the detail. Once again the game has 3D modelled characters placed on 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. The number of enemies on screen has been increased dramatically while the main character is modelled on famous Japanese actor Masadu Matsura who passed away in 1989. Apparently the developers have even had the actors' family members suggest changes to the model, such as widening his nose, to make it as accurate as possibly. For the first time ever Capcom are promising a 60Hz mode in the PAL release. Thank god someone has finally got the best developers in the world to listen. Let's just hope this isn't just a one off occurrence.

With a release in America pencilled in for late Summer (late Winter in Australia) the game should see an October release in PAL territories. Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny is shaping up as another great title on the Playstation 2 and should be added to any collection.