September 5, 2001

NHL 2002 - Preview

Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
12/10/2001EA SportsIn-House1-4$99.95

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Reflections on the ice look good.
Late last year I spend countless hours playing EA's NHL 2001 on Playstation 2. The game was a wonderful example Electronic Arts' spit and polish but suffered from some frame rate problems. Once again Electronic Arts are about to provide another yearly update of their sports titles, and NHL 2002 should provide a little more polish to what was a superb game overall.

Whether a power forward in pursuit of the game-winning goal, a goaltender attempting a shutout, or a chippy defenseman protecting his zone, you'll experience pure adrenaline as you take the ice. NHL 2002 includes some very cool camerawork, overlays, and insightful broadcasting by announcers Jim Hughson and new colour analyst Don Taylor.

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Player detail has been increased.
Added features in NHL 2002 include a new 'Breakaway Camera' which allows you to experience the most exciting play in hockey from the athletes' ice level audio/visual perspective. A new EA GameStory tracks events during the game and tells compelling stories as they unfold. Stories are told using cinematic camerawork, clever replays, overlays, play-by-play, and colour commentary. Additionally, six different modes give the gamer more options than ever before, including "Play Now" and an in-depth career mode that allows users to extend the regular season into a full career with drafts, trades and free agency moves. EA have also added in a new Create-A-Player mode, which will allow you to fully customise your team.

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Check out the action on the screen.
Electronic Arts are promising precision animation which will provide a more fluid gameplay experience. Report from the American version are that the developers have totally removed the problems with the frame rate, even when there are several players crowded in teh one area. With and extra 12 months development time EA should have had plenty of time to fix the problems from the "rushed" previous title and I am expecting some great things from NHL 2002.

Once again if your after a NHL sports title then not only will this be the only choice for a while but it would likely be the best choice in any case. This is one game I am definitely looking forward to later this year. Expect an Australian release around October.