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Jan. 15, 2005
NBA Street V3 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
12/2/2005EA Sports BIGEA Canada1-4$79.95

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Graphics certainly look improved.
The EA Sports BIG brand has been a little quiet of late, but early 2005 will certainly remedy that with releases such as NFL Street 2, FIFA Street and this title, NBA Street V3. The first NBA Street released in June 2001 was an impressive title which still holds up very well today. While that game was good the sequel, NBA Street Vol. 2 (release in April 2003) was extremely impressive with Chris awarding it a might 93% in the review. This third game looks even more impressive not only graphically, but also in terms of features.

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Playing on the streets.
This 3-on-3 basketball game takes the sport to the extreme. Electronic Arts have added and all new Trick Stick and interactive Gamebreaker control elevates the game to new heights with unmistakable style and attitude. Having made the franchise famous, Gamebreaker moments are revamped to offer an entirely fresh experience in NBA Street V3. Build a Gamebreaker by stringing together combos, and then get your teammates involved in the ultimate interactive three-man aerial show.

NBA Street 3's all-new Trick Stick provides gamers with complete control of the rock. Perform crazy dribble tricks on demand by combining turbo buttons and pushing the right stick on your controller of choice in various directions. String together tricks into combos to build up to a jaw-dropping Gamebreaker moment.

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Expect plenty of dunks.
NBA Street V3 includes 12 courts to play on, not a lot by some games standards but certainly with enough to differentiate between each location. These locations include New York City Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Mosswood, Brighton Beach and more. Not only are the courts different in appearance but can also be play at different times of day from the midday sun to darkness of night. Still not enought, well the developers have also thrown in a court created so you can now build an customise your own court with hundreds of different options such as location, court surface, net, and backboard styles. It will also be possible to express yourself by building your own hoops persona with more than 1,000 customizable assets including hairstyles, shoes, and accessories.

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Playing on an indoor court.
The dunk contest hits the street as an all-new game mode in NBA Street V3. Show if you've got what it takes to execute big air slams, as NBA Street V3's Dunk Contest allows ballers to link together combos in mid-air and take your best shot at impressing an all-star panel of judges.

With only weeks until release it looks like Electronic Arts are going to have another winner. The graphics really look spectacular - if you don't think so you're probably blind. The only question hanging over the PAL release is whether or not it will have online gameplay. For that answer we may, as with most EA games, be waiting until only days before release. With or without it this is still shaping up as the greates street basketball game ever. This is one game we can't wait to get our hands on.