October 1, 2001
The Mummy Returns - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
2002UniversalBlitz Games1$99.95

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Letting rip with the machine gun.
Despite the fact that The Rock was in the Mummy Returns I had high hopes for the sequel. Thankfully The Rock was only in the movie for a few minutes and didn't say a word, but the move was a big let down for me. It just didn't gel and the CG of the Scorpion King at the end was abysmal. Still the movie had its exciting moments, which should translate well into a video game. Plenty of action should be forthcoming in this game for the PS2, which is being developed by Blitz Games and is to be published by Universal.

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Well, it looks as good as the movie.
The game follows the plot of the movie pretty closely and once again sees the main character, Rick O'Connell, starring in the 11 varied levels in the game. It's possible however to play as Imotep, the powerful mummy villain who will also provide a different ending to the game. The game is played from the 3rd person perspective with plenty of Tomb Raider styles action. During the game you will have to find new weapons (up to 10), press switches, find secret doors and defeat enemies. These weapons are varied and include items like handguns, swords, pistols, and even twin pistols. Of course, much like the movie Rick can also kick and punch the mummies. Playing as Imotep provides a slightly different experience with the ability to cast spells to suck the life out of players or raise mummies.

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Flawless victory. Doh! Wrong game.
Fortunately, Blitz Gamez have changed many aspects of this game from the original Mummy game, which was pretty poor, even for a film-to-game conversion. Thanks to the games switch to the more powerful PS2 (the original game is on PSOne) the game now includes real-time lighting effects, high resolution graphics and much more variety in the levels. The developers also have access to many of the films elements including the voice recordings and set designs. This should ensure plenty of accuracy to the film if nothing else.

The Mummy Returns was originally due out in October 2001, but has recently been delayed until early 2002. At least it will give the developers more time to fine tune the game. While I wasn't that keen on the movie, due to it's massive over-hyping and familiarity to the original, this game does look quite promising. This is one game to keep an eye on.