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November 14, 2004
MTV Music Generator 3 - Review
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Into the remixer.
Let's quickly get one thing straight. MTV Music Generator 3: This Is The Remix! is not a game, it is more of an interactive display that allows the user to create his, or her, own music. This doesn't use elements like gunfighting to draw the attention of it's target audience, it uses the very unique idea of creating and mixing your own songs, and if that doesn't intrigue you, that's fine, go and play something else, like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, or something similar. This is a game/program strictly for the dedicated music creator.

There is very little story or purpose in this program, because as I said, it's not a game. You can either take one of the original ten tracks on the game, including those by Sean Paul and other rhythm and blues artists, and you can adjust their volume patterns, and add special effects and completely revamp or transform the song. Or, you can begin from scratch and create your own song using from over three thousand sample files. Either way, there is a lot to do in this program.

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Picking from the many samples.
As previously mentioned, this game is really only recommended to those really involved in, or who have a passionate love for music, otherwise you may find yourself slightly lost by all of the factors and such involved in the whole process of creating, or re-arranging a song.

The gameplay is very similiar to navigating a webpage of some sort, the different tracks and riffs are all displayed on different sized grids. The main, or core, track shows 24 channels by 512 seconds. And you'll see that each category, such as drums and vocals, etc, sits on it's own channel. All there is left to do is choose from the samples and bang them here and there, and like magic, a track will come together sooner, rather than later. You can even create your own drumbeats, melodies and riffs, and vocal tracks, all to suit you and your specifications.

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Graphically clean, if dreary.
But there are few features on top of this gameplay, there are tutorials, and the obvious ability to remix some of the world's most famous tracks, create your own music. And then the most disappointingly performed feature, ripping tracks directly from a CD. This is disappointing because you can only rip an eight second sample from your CD, and even then, only two seconds of it is able for use in your track. I really ask, what is the point of that?

No glitches, however, I mean how could there be? Codemasters aren't sloppy enough to have any glitches within a navigating program, that would be too hard. If there were errors, then I'd begin to worry with Codemasters, I really would.

The graphics, well, what can I say, it's really non-existant. Apart from the navigational menus, there isn't really anything special to look at in this game. Not that you'd expect anything gorgeous in a game like this, so if it counts, the menus are kind of tacky looking, heh. What do you expect?!

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Probably the most exciting visuals!
The sound in this game is actually quality. With official licenses from some of the hottest acts on the R'n'B scene, and then all of the sample files, that allow you to create your own music, it's easy to see some effort was made gathering all of the data, and licenses for the tracks. And this is all well and good, but for this kind of money, you'd kind of expect alot more samples, and better samples at that, I would have been more satisfied with some huge beefy electric guitars, but unfortunately, the game is actually lacking in that department.

Overall, this 'game', if you can even call it that, is really for those who are really into this kind of thing. What thing you say? Mixing music, and music in general, but mainly mixing. Quite simply, MTV Music Generator 3 isn't a game just anyone would pick up and play, and enjoy, but it's worth a look, if you're feeling in the mood for it.

Review By: Brodie Gibbons

GRAPHICSAs I said before, what graphics? Mainly full of navigational menus?
SOUNDAs you'd expect in a game completely about sound, up to standard.
GAMEPLAYDisappointing features, and little ambition to play leaves this where?
VALUEOnly for people who love music creation. Suitable for no-one else.
OVERALLAn interesting and deep title for those either involved in the music scene, or who really have nothing better to do than sit around and mix around, and create music on the PS2.

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