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August 8, 2005
Metal Slug 4 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
28/10/2005IgnitionSNK Playmore1-2$49.95

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Time to use some bombs.
When you talk about classic side scrolling shoot 'em ups few would argue that SNK's Metal Slug games are not just among the best series, but possible the best series of all time. The gameplay is frantic, the graphics spectacular and the game rock hard. Playstation 2 owners will be pleased to hear that the we are not only getting Metal Slug 4 in a couple of weeks, but also Metal Slug 5 a couple of months later. Don't worry about being ripped off either as both titles are being released at below $49.95 each!

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Using the tank.
Metal Slug 4's story is as follows. In the year 20XX, a cyber terrorist group attacked the world... They had developed what they called the "White Baby", a computer virus designed to hijack the main systems of the militaries of the world's nations. Their aim - to unleash it on the Internet. The cyber-terroriest group taking responsibility for the White Baby, which is said to be able to infect any security network is calling itself "Amadeus - The Lovers of God".

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Stunning 2D visuals.
International anti-cyber terrotirs groups held emergency meetings upon receiving that declaration and it was decided to beef-up all national military security systems and facilities and eradicate "Amadeus". To this end, the PF special forces were brought in to destroy the threat of Amadeus. Marco, Flo and the newly recruited Trevor and Nadia were subsequently sent into battle. Both Tarma and Erl had been dispatched to protect the staff developing the anti-virus for "White Baby". So it has a story, but don't expect many cut scenes, this is an action game from start to end - and a frantic one at that.

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Enemies are well dug in here.
Aruguably the hardest game in the entire series Metal Slug 4 is nonetheless is a very exciting game. Set across six stages the game will see you battle in the air, on the seas or across the land but you now have a selection of four characters including Marco and Fio as well as newcomers Trevor and Nadia. There's isn't a lot of difference between them to be honest besides their cosmetic appearances. While progressing through the levels each character has a pistol and can get some pickups such as chaser missles which chase enemies, machine guns, and rocket launcher among others. Each character also carries grenades to get them out of some tricks situations while it is also possible to jump into some vehicles to create more mayhem. Multi-player fans will be pleased to hear that 2-player support will be included.

In our books Metal Slug 4 is one of the greatest side scrolling shooters of all time. Expect a release for Metal Slug 4 in late October with Metal Slug 5 due out in early 2006 (February is the current estimate) - both at a budget price!!