August 19, 2002
Minority Report - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
November 2002ActivisionTreyarch1$99.95

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Hand to hand combat is frequent.
As many of you know I love going to the movies, often several times a month, or even a week. 2001 has been an interesting year, the year of the blockbuster, but not really the year of the great movie. Spider-man was nice and flashy, Episode II was fun but still lacked the magic from the original, Ice Age was cool. But one movie snuck up and really stood out in my mind, Minority Report. Starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Speilberg the movie combined a solid storyline, good special effects and some great action - all the ingredients for a cool video game. Indeed Activision have picked upt he rights to develop a game based on the movie with development being handled by Treyarch, developers of Spiderman and NHL2K2.

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The weapons also impress.
Minority Report lets you relive the movie experience, immersing you in a cinematic sci-fi adventure, combining hand-to-hand combat and futuristic weapons and gadgets straight out of the movie. Players assume the role of the movie’s hero, Pre-Crime Officer John Anderton (although for some strange reason the screens indicate a lead character with very blonde hair) in an all-new adventure as he attempts to stop an insidious conspiracy from finalizing their evil plans. Players will use a combination of tactics and firepower as they journey through 15 futuristic levels of sci-fi cinematic action/adventure. Innovative gameplay features and non-stop action create outstanding suspense and dynamic replayability.

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Smack on the jawbone.
Minority Report includes 15 levels of action set in the futuristic world, battling human and robotic enemies with hand-to-hand combat moves and an explosive arsenal of weapons including vortex rings, riot shotguns and concussion grenade launchers. One of the great things about the movie were the cool gadgets on offer, and forunately this game looks to have them all. These objects include cellular phones, PreCrime Hoverships, Spyderbots (for seeking out ‘Evedentiscan’ criminals), Mag-lev cars, and jetpacks among others. Activision are touting an Advanced Combat System allows for a full range of cinematic combat abilities - vault over barricades and throw enemies through plate glass windows!

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Check out the guns distortion.
An Intuitive Clue System helps you recognize important clues during John Anderton's quest. Exactly how this will work remains to be seen, but it will be a little disappointing if it merely means important objects sparkle a little more. Activision have also re-created many of the locations and much of the look from the movie and if the game lives up to the promises then this could be an exciting diversion for Playstation 2 owners.

An Australian release should occur around the latter part of the year, possibly around the release of the DVD which would be a solid marketing move. The developers have a strong background so this game should be one to keep an eye on.