January 10, 2002

MotoGP 2 - Preview

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Most backgrounds are full of detail.
Whenever Namco announce a new game people tend to sit up and take notice. In the five years, since Ridge Racer was the "must have" PSOne launch title, the company has had a string of hits which have been a mixture of original and arcade based title. The quality of their arcade styled games is more often then not extremely impressive. Namco don't, however, just port their arcade games to the home, they add new gameplay elements, new modes of play and usually enhance the graphics considerably. The best example of this pride in home conversions is Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. The game has much better textures, runs in higher resolution, and several new gameplay modes not found in the arcade.

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Check out the detail on the riders.
The original MotoGP (which was a port of 500GP from the arcades) to Playstation 2 was a great conversion and Namco has dropped a bombsell only 6 months after release by announcing this sequel which was released in Japan in late 2001 and will be released in America and Europe in early 2002. Can Namco improve what was already one of the most exciting motorbike racing games in recent years? It certainly looks likely.

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Everything looks more detailed.
Namco have confirmed that MotoGP 2 will include 10 courses in total, including 5 new ones from Catelunya, Mugello, Sachsenring, Assen and LeMans as well as the five originals. The game includes the full 2001 season list of riders including Max Biaggi, Kenny Roberts, Norrick Abe and Australias own Garry Mccoy. We can also expect all the official teams and bikes to appear in the game and Namco have once againconfirmed that the marvellous challenges to unlock new items, riders and features will also return.

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The replays should be stunning.
One of the most immediate things you will notice with the sequel is the significant increase in the detail on the bikes and riders. It was never a problem in the original game, but Namco have seemingly pushed the boundries even further. The backgrounds also look like getting a workover with more variety and detail as well as small incidental animations.

Sony have recently confirmed that MotoGP 2 will be out just after the New Year here in Australia, and it will be worth the wait. Now all we need is for Namco to announce some release dates for Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur 2 in Australia as well and we'd all be extremely happy. MotoGP 2 is certain to be another Namco winner.