January 12, 2002
Monsters Inc: Scare Island - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Rating Players Price
25/1/2002Disney InteractiveArtificial Mind & Movement1$99.95

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The game is full of platform action.
Monster Inc for the few of you who live in a cave, is the latest hit movie from Disney & Pixar. It has some terrific humour and a great storyline, which sees monsters scaring the living daylights out of kids to collect a form of energy. The game, much like the movie, follows the fortunes of Sully, the big blue guy, and Mike, the one-eyed green monster. During Scare Island you can easily switch between the two characters. You will learn your scaring techniques in the Scare training school. You will have to master a variety of scare techniques on including the Tailspin Slap Attack, the Monster Fur Flop Aerial Pounce, the Bouncing Eyeball Aerial Pounce and the Double Hover Jump. There are eighteen scare tactics to use through the wide variety of levels on Scare Island.

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Yet more platform hijinks.
This whole game is basically a large training camp for Mike and Sully. The levels are filled with robotic children to scare as you attempt to become a 'Top Scarer'. The game includes three main training areas - Urban, Desert and Arctic which are split up into 15 zones.. Each has it's own challenges and tasks to complete as well as items and power ups to collect such as Primordial Ooze and Bags-O-Calories, speed boost arrows, flingshots and trampolines. Towards the end of the game a special tactic can be learned, and I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen the movie, which gives you maximum amounts of energy. As you progress through the game you earn 'Certificates of Terror' which go towards your graduation and eventual employment at Monsters Inc.

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Sully is wonderfully detailed.
During the game you will meet many of the characters from the movie as well as some others such as the speed trainer Randall who you will often have to beat in challenges to unlock new areas to the game, orientation trainer, Roz and Mr. Waternoose, the big boss at Monsters, Inc. and acting Dean of Scare Island. Monsters Inc: Scare Island will include 11 minutes of movie clips, many of which will likely be direct from the movie. Also promised are interviews with the cast which will be exclusive to the Playstation 2 game. It's strange that there has been so little about this game. Even getting screenshots was harder then breaking into the vault in Ocean's 11. Still, this game looks very promising and if it can contain humour like that in the film then this is sure to be a winner.