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July 22, 2005
Michigan: Report from Hell - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
11/10/2005New CorporationGrasshopper Manufacture1$49.95

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Michigan: Report From Hell isn't a game that has received a lot of publicity. It's a bit strange actually for two reasons. Firstly the game looks quite contraversial, there's certainly some content here that my come under some scrutiny of the OFLC. Plenty of blood, scantly clad women and plenty of action. Secondly the game is being directed by Kouichi Suda, the same person behind Capcom's Killer 7 one of the most hyped games in recent times. This is a quite unique looking game and is about to make it out to Australia through Red Ant.

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I think we could zoom in...
One day, Chicago, the big city by Lake Michigan, is encompassed with a dense fog of unknown cause. Tragedy that is invisible externally strikes terror into the city. In the game you play as a TV cameraperson along with a female reporter and an audio engineer headed to the city to collect news materials. What you encountered in the city were numerous dead bodies and terrifying monsters. For the mission from your company to get scoops, your crews are facing bloodcurdling bodies, rescuing survivors, and pursuing the cause of the monsterís origin.

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The game plays from a first-person perspective through TV camera finder and proceeds by shooting the female reporterís comments and the sites. At times you may catch monster attacking citizens and has to choose either getting the scoop or save the victims. In the moment, your morale is a key. Upon death of the reporter, the mission will be interrupted and new reporter will be assigned but the interruption of the scenario prevents you from grabbing the whole storyline. For having the whole story, you are required to try all various patterns. The game includes six female reporters for you to follow through the city and apparently, depending on your actions, the game also includes several endings.

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Is this a clue?
Graphics are probably going to be this games biggest selling point. Almost the entire game is shown through the lens of the camera which gives the game a claustraphobic style, but also allows you you to zoom in and out.

Michigan was released in Japan in August 2004 but didn't really make an impression. Perhaps it was too niche, perhaps it was too gory, or perhaps the game just didn't work. One thing is certainly though. Much like Killer 7 the game has a unique style, setting and gameplay - something which should always be encouraged.